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I thought I'd do something different for these exciting weekends of football and I've decided on a Charity Weekend Bet. This weekend brings a huge amount of games happening in the UK, ranging from Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2, Scottish Premier Division and FA Cup. Every once in a while, Tyne Time will place £1 on a number of fixtures that should they come through, will pay out handsome dividends. Probably known best to you as ‘Pools’, it will not always be all English games but European and other continental fixtures too.

Should the bet come through and my selected teams all win, or indeed match the result I have predicted, then 50% of my winnings will go straight to charity, and the charity changes each week.

This week, should I be successful, half of my prize money will go to The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, one which I'm sure all of us have heard of.

My predictions are as follows :

So, if all those fixtures come off then it'll be a nice donation to the SBRF and some funds for me to keep the site running. Win-Win.

Signing up to the above link will help Tyne Time, help charity.

Comments very welcome 🙂

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