Is Jermaine Beckford really worth £5m?

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With 11 goals to his name for Leeds United already, Jermaine Beckford is taking League 1 by storm so far. As Leeds look set to make it back to the Championship, although in early stages, another team that is expected to pop back up a division is us, Newcastle United. Beckford has been linked to Newcastle now on many occasions and especially in the summer when his agent said he would indeed be interested in moving clubs, and playing on a bigger stage. If he’s into playing in front of big crowds in a great stadium, the Toon is a perfect place for him.

However, the rumoured fee we would have to splash out is reported to be around the £5m mark which is just a little inflated, even with the economic situation we’re in. You can see it from Leeds United’s side, they want to get every last penny for one of their most prized assets in Beckford.

Personally I don’t think he’s worth £5m and after all, his contract is running out this summer and we could wait for him. A January move is being reported and the fee would be around the £3m mark but I can’t see Mike Ashley handing over three million to someone he’s never heard of.

Derek Llambias said that if there’s a player ‘Chris wants for a million pounds or so’ they’ll go get him. In fairness, a million pounds is a lot of money in anybody’s world and we need to spend wisely, but I emphasise the word spend.

Would you like to see Jermaine Beckford wear the Black and White of Newcastle United in 2010?

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