Newcastle’s finest hangs up his boots

Words by Kevin Doocey on .

I've decided to dedicate this article to someone I'm sure a lot of people will know, especially Newcastle United fans. Today Ed Harrison from NUFCBLOG has announced that he closing the site after 2 years of constant writing. Ed never failed to produce articles on any given day and considering he indeed lives in a different time zone in America, it's a credit to him, what he has  achieved. His article archives are full to the brim and he has written in the region of 7,858 articles, a staggering amount for one man. I think that Ed deserves a send off and this is my one. Thanks Ed for providing us with the latest Newcastle United news, from a fans perspective and more importantly, always on time 😀

Ed has a donate button on his site should anyone feel generous (as do I 😛 ) and we wish Dr.Ed Harrison every bit of luck in his new job.

Thank you Sir.

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