Would you Trust NUST?

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You have to credit them really for pursuing their ambitions in owning their local football club Newcastle United. However, it's still questionable whether NUST or Newcastle United Supporters Trust have what it takes to run a football club which is mainly, money. The ‘Yes We Can’ campaign has been launched and their members are really serious about taking the club off Mike Ashley's hands and allowing the fans to have a real say in affairs at Newcastle United. Communism keeps springing to mind when I hear it, sounds good in theory but whether this will please all sides or indeed work at all, is a big big question.

Saying that, I think it's a great idea and if they managed to get some serious financial backing behind them either from abroad or at home then we could make a right go at managing a football club from the roots to the tips.

Speaking today the statement read :

‘There are a range of ways to invest but fans can be sure that it will be on a ‘one investor, one vote’ basis with fans electing six fans representatives through the trust and a president who will bring in a professional team accountable to the fans ultimately.'

The fact that's it back by mainly Geordies is a good thing but you can't help but question if it will ever happen, or if it will work out. As well as this, I can't see Mike Ashley changing his mind after taking the club off the market and ‘laying down’ new plans for the club.

It's pretty obvious that Mike Ashley is a man we all want gone from the club but do you think Newcastle United Supporter's Trust are ready for a mammoth task of running a football club?

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