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Before I start, I'm not looking for donations of 20,000 so I can put a pot together to stage a takeover of Newcastle United or become a leading member of the Newcastle United Supporters Trust. Far from it, although if you feel like donating twenty thousand fee free to do so 😀 Anyway, what I am writing this article about, is the matter of ‘Tyne Time's Weekend Charity Bet’ which will tomorrow commence for it's second week running. As you know, if I manage to win my ‘Pools’ or Accumulator, then I promise to dedicate 50% of the winnings to a charity of my choice.

Now, as you know, running a website can be demanding and has various costs etc. What I am looking for and understand that it's not possible with all of you readers is a small donation to keep the charity bet on the road for many weeks to come.

I know finances are very tight but donations as small as £1.00 will keep the charity bet on the agenda for another week. Say you donate £10.00, then obviously enough, that will mean 10 weeks more of accumulators, or nearly three months.

What's more is that any pound you donate, you decide which charity you would like to see the potential winnings go to. It's as simple as that.

Mind you, donations aren't a minimum of £1.00, you can donate more, or even less. Whatever pleases you.

And seriously, donations are hugely appreciated 🙂

To donate, simply click the Donate button and it will take you onto the PayPal page. There you can donate using a credit card, laser, or even an existing PayPal balance. It's as safe as Shay Given's hands.

Once again, appreciate any donations contributed.

N.B : Email tyne.time@gmail.com to provide the charity you would like to see our potential winnings go to.

Many thanks,

Doocey, Tyne Time.

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