Tyne Time Special – Charity Weekend Bet #2

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It's that time of the week again when Tyne Time gathers all it's prestige and invaluable information to form a bet which will see a charity of it's choice, hopefully, be in luck and win 50% of the bet winnings. Last Saturday didn't go too well but this week we here Tyne Time feel that this weeks one might stand more of a chance. I'm sure you might have saw the article a little further down the page about donating to keep this weekly bet going, and I must say that hopefully if any donations do come through we can keep this feature going for weeks to come.

So, here's our predictions for Saturday :

We've been pretty restricted this week with the international break but the League 1 & League 2 are in action so we might have some luck just yet.

The stake is £1.00 which is a pittance really, although that can be argued in today's economic climate.

Should tomorrows bet come through and my selected teams all win, or indeed match the result I have predicted, then 50% of my winnings will go straight to charity, and the charity changes each week.

This week, should I be successful, half of my prize money will go to Make A Wish Foundation one or Ireland's own non-profitable organizations. Make A Wish Foundation strives to bring their patients dreams come true and have already delivered some surprises beyond the ill children's beliefs. Long may they do that.

So there we are, all set for an exciting 3pm tomorrow. 😀

Comments always welcome 🙂

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