Pancrate on his way to Newcastle?

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We all know that Sunday is usually a day where the media make up some outrageous stories at Newcastle and they haven't failed to produce today either. However, today's news isn't that unbelievable and more than likely is correct. The Sunday Sun (who?!) are reporting that Fabrice Pancrate who we we dished an article if you flick down the page, is rumoured to be signing for us in the next few days. The Frenchman who has played with many different clubs has indeed claimed that ‘Black and White is in his blood’. If that's not just a little questionable, I don't know what is.

He said :

“In my blood, I am black and white.”

‘Maybe the weather is cold, but it’s not a problem because the people have warm hearts.’

He seems pretty keen on Newcastle and his agent confirmed this claiming that Fabrice is destined for a move to Tyneside. He said :

“Fabrice loves Newcastle,” said Farid Belkacemi. “Many clubs in France want him because he is free. Nantes, Strasbourg . . . they offered him a big contract just yesterday but he says: ‘I prefer Newcastle’.

“The French don’t understand why. They say: ‘But Newcastle are not in the Premier League!’ But Fabrice loves the professional environment, the town and the mentality of the supporters.

“Of course, he is ambitious, and Newcastle is the only team in the Championship he would play for, because he believes they will soon be back in the Premier League. He told me: ‘I am a black man, but in my blood, I am black and white!’

“So we fly back to Newcastle on Monday night and we hope we can sign next week. He is 200 per cent for Newcastle.”

It seems that Fabrice has been asking around about Newcastle and rang up the likes of Habib Beye and Didier Domi to get a good idea of the place.

“He called Habib Beye and Didier Domi, and they told him Newcastle is a good city and a great club,” added Belkacemi. “He is also very friendly with Didier Digard of Middlesbrough who told him the same.

There it is, Fabrice seems very keen on coming, he's a free agent, a winger, with pace and really wants to play for the club or so it seems.

It seems a perfect match doesn't it?

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