Is the impossible becoming possible?

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Ashley - Beginning to take some responsibility?

I know it might be a tough question to ask and one that will have a common answer but it's worth taking a look at this issue all the same. Although we haven't heard much about, from or to him of late, it seems as if Mike Ashley has settled down just a little bit. Ashley who took us off the market for a second time earlier this season because he failed to sell, is slowly but surely eeking a possible title of a football club owner. Saying that I don't really think that he's anywhere near a the perfect owner but he has improved and at least, is trying somewhat.

Now don't get the wrong message here, Ashley has ruined the club no doubt, but of late, he seems to be making a effort to get the club where it should be, financially and morally.

Whether that's to save cash for himself who knows but he had a flying visit to Benton, to congratulate the players on their form so far this season, and indeed thanking them for remaining so professional even through times of huge uncertainty.

Perhaps Mike Ashley is learning day by day what it requires to be a decent football club owner. Number one is money, and lots of it, and the other two, are time and patience. Money is the only thing we can associate with Mike, especially when Tesco paid 984k for six bikes from one of Mike Ashley's firms.

maybe the impossible is really becoming possible and that Mike is changing his ways. However, he's still a huge huge burden to the club and will never be forgiven for ruining the mighty club that is Newcastle United. Some say that statement might be a little harsh but I'm not so sure.

Of course we'd love to see Mike and the club do well but whether it has that potential under the current ownership to do so, is another matter for another day.

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