Enrique not interested in moving to any EPL team

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Enrique - Looking good in his LB position behind Jonas

When it comes to players at Newcastle, who are knuckling down and attempting to get the job done, then Jose Enrique is certainly in the top five. The Spaniard who moved to Newcastle from Villareal for a hefty £6.3m fee failed to impress in his first season, under Big Sam. However, although people got on his back and labelled him as an accident waiting to happen, Enrique showed last season and indeed this season of what he’s capable of. I must say that I wasn’t one of the people to get on his back, mainly because I saw a lot of talent in that lad and as you can see now, he’s more than a decent LB.

It’s not the first time Enrique has been linked with a move away from St.James’ and certainly not the first time he’s been linked to Sunderland either. It’s understood that Steve Bruce is in the hunt for a new LB as George McCartney is suffering from injuries.

Speaking on that, Enrique today said :

“I don’t care about Sunderland. Even if the newspapers said Chelsea, I wouldn’t care. I worry for my team – I love the city, I love the club and I don’t care about signing for another team.‘

That’s a pretty stern thing to say and I certainly like the sound of it, especially the ‘I don’t care about Sunderland’ part 😀

He went on to say :

“I don’t read the papers because I don’t understand English that well! Some players were joking with me about what it said. I want to go back to the Premier League, that is true, but I want to go back to the Premier League with Newcastle. This is a big, big, big club in England and it is important that it gets back into the Premier League.”

He’s right and we’re glad to see he’s managing to see the actual history of the club and beginning to understand it’s fans.

“But I am happy here, I want to make up for the mistakes we made last season. I think when you are happy with the city and happy with the club, you would not want to leave.

I know this summer all the papers are linking me and all the other players with all sorts of teams but I’m not interested.

“From the first moment I’ve been here I wanted to play here and I never thought about going anywhere else.”

We hope that Jose doesn’t leave and of course expect him to stay, along with the other players like Kevin Nolan, Alan Smith, Fabricio Coloccini and so on, Jose still owes a lot to this club and especially, us fans.

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