Nolan & Smith wouldn’t bother joining Brum

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### Smith - Neither of the lads would leave Tyneside this January

Although the headline might sound a little disrespectful to Birmingham, I don't mean it that way. However, both of the lads have said that they don't want a move away from Newcastle and for me, that's that. Smith and Nolan both joined for decent fees and haven't lived up to their price tag. Even though Nolan & Smith have looked pretty comfortable this season so far, you'd expect that as they're playing a division below their usual standard.

Birmingham  may be a Premier League team and fair play to them, but not for long I don't think. They've been in very good form of late and are securing important wins like at Wolves, Sunderland and so on. Saying that, I think it'll be quite tight in May and  Brum may well be shoved into the bottom three.

So would Smith & Nolan join a team in January that have a serious chance of being relegated? I don't think they would. I mean, no offence to Birmingham but I don't think they'd be able to handle their wages and talent demands.

Besides that their new foreign owner has reportedly issued £40m for Alex McLeish for the transfer window. Whether that's true isn't for me to say but certainly they'd be able to offer a substantial fee for Nolan/Smith.

Mike Ashley would probably accept the bid, but it Chris didn't want to sell him then you'd expect Hughton to have the final say, or so he said he will. Now is not the time to losing players and I wouldn't like to see one player leave the club this Christmas. If we want to try get promoted we need new players, not departures.

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