Robert would be welcomed back to Newcastle?

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Robert - Worth another shot at Newcastle?

I think we all remember those good old days when Alan Shearer and Laurent Robert tore defences apart and progressed up the league. Those days have gone though, and many of those great players have left the club. There's no doubt that Laurent Robert was a special footballer and Bobby Robson saw this too. Although Sir Bobby wasn't keen on paying big fees for his players, the chairman insisted and Robert was on Tyneside before too long. Before too long he was stringing passes together and scoring for fun from free-kicks. Naturally with upheaval at the club Robert's performances lessened and his last real ‘hurrah’ with Newcastle was the stunning 1-0 win at home to Liverpool that long time ago.

Today brings news that Robert wants to rejoin Newcastle, after leaving the club under Graeme Souness. Souness to say the least, was a stern leader but never got the best out of the players, and far from it. He'll be remembered as signing Michael Owen, and Albert Luque, those guys.

However, after short stints with Pompey, Derby, Benfica, and so on, Robert is a free agent and looking for one more go at football. It's understood that he's in talks with PSG at the minute but he's told Toon new boy Fabrice Pancrate, that he wants to rejoin NUFC.

Pancrate said:

“I had a lot of conversations with Laurent and he told me about how amazing this city was, how incredible the fans are and how much I would enjoy my time here.

“As soon as I walked through the doors I realised he was right.

“I think Laurent is in talks with Paris St Germain at the moment, but he told me that he would like to come back here.

“If it could happen he would say yes. That’s what he said to me. He loves the club.

“I spoke to the manager to tell him Laurent would like to come back and is available. I gave him his number. I don’t know what has happened since then.”

I know there's plenty out there that wouldn't want him back and calling him a ‘trouble maker’ ‘Prima Donna’ etc but I think he has some class left in his tank just yet. I'd certainly sign him till January on a ‘Pay as you Play’ basis. Then again, who knows what he'd look for, for wages.

Maybe he is past it, but I've just got that feeling that he has something to give, especially at Newcastle. Then again, I also have an overwhelming feeling that Chris Hughton won't sign him.

We'll just have to see.

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