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Pancrate - Nice pelter today against Watford

Although Newcastle won again today against a rejuvenated Watford side, Chris Hughton is adamant that tougher ties await and that Newcastle will not escape as easily and they have done. Speaking today after a 2-0 home win against Watford in which saw new boy Fabrice Pancrate get his first in the Black and White Hughton said that tougher games await and that Lady Luck won’t shine on them as brightly as she has. Saying that, we’ll never refuse a little rub of the green will we?

Hughton said :

‘If I look at what we have managed to achieve so far this season, we are always very keen to point that one out.

‘There will be bad times to come, I am sure, but we have shown a lot of resilience and that is the mark of any side which is doing well, that resilience resulting in clean sheets. I am absolutely delighted with that.’

We don’t like the sound of that but we understand that, because we’pretty much used to bad luck, however, hopefully it’s more of a wake up call to the players to start killing games off, if they can.

He continued :

‘What we do know is we are going to have good days and bad days, and what we have so far shown is a resilience to cope with the bad days and, at times, get something from them.

‘There are times when you can’t speak highly enough of the group of lads you have, and that applies today.’

Well said Chris, well said. On another note, it was good to see Lovenkrands grab another goal and indeed see Fabrice Pancrate smash the top corner with two minutes left to play.

If we can keep that up past Christmas and hopefully see West Brom keep losing points like they did today then you just never know what could happen.

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Pedro: ⏱ 05/12/2009

Another great result today and a stunning debut goal by Pan "Karate" Kid, just waiting to catch it again on the footy league show. As far as expecting more difficult games, I'm sure we'll get them but at the same time we're getting injured players back. Nolan suspended is a downer but we should have enough to cover. Upuntil his sending off Nolan had played every minute of every league game so far this season! Pan "Karate" Kid could sure turn into a crowd pleaser :)

qemin: ⏱ 06/12/2009

anyone got any links to pancrate's goal? really wanna see it.. miss it just now.. :(

dan the mag: ⏱ 06/12/2009

toon toon toon army

Brazilian Geordie: ⏱ 06/12/2009

Hey Doocey, since Ed closed his blog I'm having some problems to find links in which I can watch Newcastle's games, especially when the match is happening at the same time of several others. I realize that with Newcastle playing the CCC it's being more difficult to find video streams, but sometimes I can't even find radio ones - as it happened today - because, for example, BBC restricts the stream to the North East. I'd be glad if you could help me on this. Thanks.

Brazilian Geordie: ⏱ 06/12/2009

Btw, what a goal by Pancrate. And Qemin, have a look at Youtube:

Doocey: ⏱ 06/12/2009

Hey Brazilian Geordie. To be honest, links for Newcastle games are getting harder to find by the day except for the ones televised by Sky Sports etc. I'll try find match links to audio, video etc and I'll post them in the latest article's comments in the future, Doocey.

qemin: ⏱ 06/12/2009

thanks guy. really appreciate it. given the wba drew, we are already 4pts clear! yay~ Docey:its very nice of you to put up the video of pancrates' goal on the sidebar. thanks~

Doocey: ⏱ 06/12/2009

No problem qemin. It's a very good goal :D

Brazilian Geordie: ⏱ 06/12/2009

OK so. Thanks, Doocey.