Is Mike Ashley really thinking of selling?

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Ashley - Reportedly looking to sell club in January

News is emerging from the ever unreliable News Of The World, that Mike Ashley is contemplating selling the club, in January. However, I find that a little hard to believe considering we lie top of the Championship, have a huge amount of players and their hefty wages shipped off the wage bill and seem to be actually enjoying our football at the minute. Of course meaning that should we continue our good form until May, then Newcastle United will be a Premier League team, the clubs value will have doubled and so will it’s revenues. So to respond to that rumours, it’s not going to happen in January.

Mike Ashley seems to be getting used to winning like us all but we hope that he does understand that they’re playing in a division where you by right, with the likes of Smith, Nolan, Jonas, Harper, Carroll and Harewood (yes Harewood) should be winning week in, week out.

However, that doesn’t always happen and especially to Newcastle. Getting back to the emerging news, it’s reported that he’s been getting in contact with an American consortium over a possible sale. As well as this, you’d really expect him to ask for more than the £100m mark, if he’s really looking to sell.

To be honest, I don’t think it would be at the players, and the manager’s best interest to reshuffle the ownership around and that Ashley, and I never thought I’d say this, should stay till the end of the season and take things from there.

You just never know, we might be playing Premier League football come August 2010 but you can’t count your chickens just yet.

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GeordieFootSoldier: ⏱ 06/12/2009

Doocet To be honest - whether he admits it or not - I honestly believe that our club is ALWAYS up for sale so far as Ashley is concerned. He wants rid, and if anyone matches his price we will not see his ample backside for dust.

GeordieFootSoldier: ⏱ 06/12/2009

Sorry for the typo Doocey

Doocey: ⏱ 06/12/2009

Perhaps you're right but I honestly can't see him selling, especially when we're doing quite well at the minute. Then again, he's a 'business man' and their nature is for an any time sale. It wouldn't be good for the club if he sold up again, let him do that in the Summer

barton12: ⏱ 06/12/2009

We all want cashley to sell but what people dont understand is that yeah you can buy the club for 80-100 million and that will buy you the club but then the club will still have a dept of 100-150 million that cashley loaned the club to sort the mess out left by freddy and the halls.the true cost of buying the club and getting rid of cashley is 200-250 million puts a diffrent slant on things and that is why no one has bought us and why the fans nust buyout is a none starter.

bungus: ⏱ 06/12/2009

I agree that we are always for sale at the right price and as such this is not a story. Sounds more like the tabloids wanting a story about NUFC. We have provided so much good copy to these hacks for years but suddenly its all gone quiet - we're winning, no scandals, no instability, no dressing room spats and the press cant sell papers on headlines like that. I'm sure they would have loved us to have gone into freefall instead of sitting ten points clear of the play-offs - long may the silence continue.

barton12: ⏱ 06/12/2009

agree with bungus completly hacks making things up to fill pages how ever thats how it go at our club we are a soap opera or we were and that all go's back to the conception of the prem league and kk manager round 1

Ed Harrison: ⏱ 06/12/2009

Doocey - I think if Mike Ashley can sell the club for say 100M pounds in early Jan that would be good. If the new owners can then give around 10M pounds for new players in January, they would almost guarantee promotion and a Premier League side in May. It would be a terrific bargain. So far the lads (players) have been outstanding - they are everything they were not last season - guts and spirit galore - long may it continue.

Tel: ⏱ 06/12/2009

Think theres a pattern here, lets see, say the club is for sale during transfer window, no need to invest in players, make it impossible to buy then take it off the market when window closes. This man continues to lie and mislead, having said that I am inclined to agree that we dont need the boat rocking and he should sell in the close season, I have no problem arranging a deal behind the scenes but keep it totally underwraps until this season is over.

Andyttnufc: ⏱ 06/12/2009

Tel you beat me to it. My thoughts exactly.

Benj: ⏱ 06/12/2009

I have to agree with Tel aswell. Ashley is up to the same old tricks if he puts our club up for sale again. He's done it some many times I'm suprised it would not be the first thing to come into any Geordies head when hearing this news. The man is a liar and will always try to decieve the fans. He's not goin anywhere until we are back in the premiership and he will find any way possible to avoid giving the team the funds they need in order for us to be sure of promotion. Unfortunately we're stuck with the burger lovin larger guzzling fat ass lying excuse for a buisness man for at least another 6 months

john p: ⏱ 06/12/2009


Spirit Of '69: ⏱ 08/12/2009

Announcing that the club is up for sale and possibly to be sold in JANUARY, is ANOTHER diversionary tactic by Ashley to take our minds off the fact that he won't be shelling out any more money for players during the transfer window in JANUARY. And if he manages to sell a few (e.g. Taylor to Everton for £6m) he can do so in the knowledge that the fans are expecting an imminent sale and new owners 'any day now'. The sale of the club WON'T happen in January, but NO players coming IN but SOME going OUT, is the more realistic scenario.