Is Mike Ashley really thinking of selling?

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Ashley - Reportedly looking to sell club in January

News is emerging from the ever unreliable News Of The World, that Mike Ashley is contemplating selling the club, in January. However, I find that a little hard to believe considering we lie top of the Championship, have a huge amount of players and their hefty wages shipped off the wage bill and seem to be actually enjoying our football at the minute. Of course meaning that should we continue our good form until May, then Newcastle United will be a Premier League team, the clubs value will have doubled and so will it's revenues. So to respond to that rumours, it's not going to happen in January.

Mike Ashley seems to be getting used to winning like us all but we hope that he does understand that they're playing in a division where you by right, with the likes of Smith, Nolan, Jonas, Harper, Carroll and Harewood (yes Harewood) should be winning week in, week out.

However, that doesn't always happen and especially to Newcastle. Getting back to the emerging news, it's reported that he's been getting in contact with an American consortium over a possible sale. As well as this, you'd really expect him to ask for more than the £100m mark, if he's really looking to sell.

To be honest, I don't think it would be at the players, and the manager's best interest to reshuffle the ownership around and that Ashley, and I never thought I'd say this, should stay till the end of the season and take things from there.

You just never know, we might be playing Premier League football come August 2010 but you can't count your chickens just yet.

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