Now’s not the time for Newcastle nightclub nightmares

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### Carroll - Arrested by police in early hours or Monday morning

It's being reported pretty much everywhere that Andy Carroll has been arrested by police in the early hours of Monday morning following an incident in a local Newcastle nightclub. Carroll who was lounging with friends in the VIP area was involved in a scuffle with an unknown individual but what is known is that the unknown man, came out the worst in the affair. This isn't the first time that Carroll has been at it, we all remember the incident which included Charles N'Zogbia, following some moaning from the Frenchman about the current state of affairs at Newcastle.

As my headline suggests, this isn't the time for bad press, or should I say increased bad press. We're top of the table, high team morale and some stability for once. It doesn't take much to get the media mixer going at Newcastle.

Elsewhere it's being reported that Ashley is looking to sell and as a poster in the previous article pointed out, it comes at a convenient time. Approaching the transfer window, and a very important one at that.

Ashley tried to sell in Christmas, then in the summer of this year and the rumour mill is in full force as we approach the January transfer season. It's a little too convenient if you ask me, but surely Ashley won't sell?

As I've said before, the last thing we need at the minute is upheaval and I think we're all safe in saying we've had enough to last five years. No sale, new players and more wins. Sounds good for January? Not always that simple unfortunately.

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