Adidas to end long history with Newcastle United?

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### Adidas - Reported to be ridding their connections with Newcastle

It's being reported in the ever reliable Daily and Sunday Express that Adidas will terminate their shirt making contract with Newcastle United at the end of the season. The news comes from a source more unreliable than reliable, that Adidas are sick of all the negative press and exposure they're getting since Mike Ashley has been charge of the club. I'd honestly think exposure is exposure and it can't be bad for sales, especially at a club like Newcastle where nearly every man, woman and child wears the newest kit released from the Toon Army.

I am sure that sales are down simply because some fans will refuse to put any more money into the whilst Mike Ashley is in charge, and that's fair enough. However, you still have to say that Newcastle's current home kit is very tasty, to say the least.

Perhaps the release of Newcastle's away jersey and it's ‘vibrant’ yellow was a dig at Newcastle by Adidas for their horrendous season in the Premier League last summer. Maybe just a little imaginative?

Either way, the reported sponsors to fill Adidas's boots is meant to be Puma and to be honest, they aren't the worst. Not that the jersey matters much but it's always nice to see a stylish kit and training gear, something that we've had for many a year.

Must be a desperate Sunday when this is all the tabloids can muster up?

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