Should Marlon Harewood stay on at Newcastle?

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Harewood - Doing quite well for Newcastle of late

You can't fault Marlon Harewood's efforts lately for Newcastle, actually far from it. The striker has scored a few goals and is working hard and moreso, for the team. Arriving on loan from Villa, Harewood didn't establish himself as a very gracious striker or very skillful, indeed it's lucky that Chris Hughton's spoke to him or we might not we debating whether we'd like him back or not at all. For me, I'd like to see him stay, mainly because we shouldn't be decreasing the size of our squad, but increasing it.

So, firstly I must say I'm rather rushing this article because I've been caught up all day, I apologise for that.

Anyway, do you think Harewood should stay until the end of the season at Newcastle?

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