211 days after Newcastle’s relegation – Moving On

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Hughton - Doing the best he can and it’s working

I needn’t remind you of that terrible terrible day in Villa Park in late May last, when the history of Newcastle United FC hit the lowest of the low. Relegation sounded, as Hull City celebrated staying afloat in the Premier League. There’s no point saying we deserved to stay up because we didn’t. However, if we’d a decent owner then of course we wouldn’t have been in the spot we were in , or indeed in the Championship as we are now. To be honest, I think playing in the Championship is turning out to be a good lesson to the lads, especially the likes of Nolan, Smith, Taylor and so forth. Perhaps it’s the lesson we need to avoid ‘tragedies’ like the one that happened earlier this year.

We’re moving on, and that’s good to see. It’s hard not to be optimistic if you’re a Newcastle fan, but we’re far from back on the big stage yet. However, saying that, half way through and we’re doing quite well.

The Coca Cola Championship is a weird division and many of the players have mentioned this. Although we’ve won pretty much the majority of our games, losses at Blackpool, Forest and Scunthorpe simply weren’t good enough.

If we can get promoted, and I emphasize ‘If’ then we can look forward to a good season in the Premier League, or so we hope. If we do manage promotion at first attempt you have to hand it to the lads.

As I’ve said many a time, you can never count on Newcastle and it’s no different here in the Championship. I’m pretty sure there’ll be teams, now lying in dangerous positions in the Championship, that will be in the Play-Off positions come May.

Let’s hope we’re automatically promoted though, eh?

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