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### Ashley - Might actually invest in January in promotion bid

There's some unbelievable news regarding Newcastle United today, Managing Director Derek Llambias has confirmed that Chris Hughton will be given cash to spend on new players if he needs. Ok, it mightn't be that unbelievable but it might come as a surprise to some fans. Speaking today, Llambias said that Chris will be supported in the January transfer window by Mike Ashley and that it will be Chris's own players that arrive at the club, if any players happen to arrive at all.

Speaking today, Llambias said :

‘Mike is totally committed to the club and fully focused on promotion. That is what he wants more than anything.

‘We don't envisage anyone leaving in January because we want to make sure Chris has the players he needs to get us back up.

‘Chris has given us things to work on in January in terms of signing players - and we are trying to make those things happen.’

Is it just me, or is Llambias beginning to finally sound as if he knows something about football? Surely he has had someone write this ‘speech’ for him? 😀

He continued :

‘We will have to see, but we want to help and Mike will put the money in to help if Chris feels that it gives the club a better chance of returning to the Premier League.

‘We haven't achieved anything yet, there is still a long way to go and we cannot be complacent.’ ‘Honestly though, it's good to see that Ashley & Llambias know where they stand, and that the club is far from promoted as of yet. Top of the table, 10 points clear and entering 2010, it does look good, but looks can be deceiving.

I really do hope Chris is given money to buy some new players, be it Kilgallon or Dani Alves, Ukra or indeed any other talent that he thinks can benefit the club, Hughton deserves a shout in the transfer market.

The best thing that I think has come about since relegation is the way in which first team affairs are being handled. Hughton & co. seem to be doing a very professional job in controlling the players, training them etc. This can't be said for some previous managers and I don't mean Alan Shearer.

Promotion aside, credit is due to Chris and they way he has handled things since he has taken over from Alan Shearer, in what were very difficult circumstances. Long may it continue.

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