Danny Guthrie can be a brilliant player for Newcastle United

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Guthrie - Has a bright future under Newcastle United

They say he was Kevin Keegan’s only signing for £2m. He arrived from Liverpool after conceding he couldn’t break the first team or compete with the ‘brilliance’ of Steven Gerrard. Well after arriving from Anfield Guthrie had a mixed start on Tyneside, he broke Craig Fagan’s leg before scoring a scorcher against Portsmouth in a memorable victory.Since then, there’s be little in the way of media interaction with Danny Guthrie. He keeps his head low and doesn’t complain whether he’s starting or not. If I’m honest, he’s one of my favourite Newcastle players simply because he seems a good lad with a good future in front of him.

He’s been speaking about the current morale in the Toon camp :

‘I have never been involved in anything like last year but everything you go through, even bad things, makes you stronger.

‘It was horrible and I am trying to put it behind me.

‘We’re doing a pretty good job of that even though nothing gets won in the first half of the season.

_‘So the next few months are massive.__

_ _‘We are a lot more settled and everyone is pulling in the same direction. Managerial stability means we can get on with playing, while we are going out there to win every game.’__

_ ‘It’s a different club from the one I joined, particularly in the dressing room where we are all so together.

‘It is a really strong dressing room now and only the right players should be brought in

‘They must have the right mentality and attitude. Anyone who comes in will have to become part of that spirit.

‘I cannot stress enough how we are all working so well together. We all want the same thing and every week everyone goes out and plays for each other.

This is good to see, especially the fact that there is a feel good factor throughout the Newcastle United team. It’s been a long time since the squad were happy playing, training and working together. The Bobby Robson Era comes to mind.

Guthrie, for me can become an excellent midfielder if he keeps on the right road. We have already seen glimpses of the former midfielder and his serious potential. His goal against Leicester at St.James’ Park springs to mind.

Needless to say there will be teams after Danny at some stage this month or if not, in the the summer. He’s got a good future ahead of him and the right attitude to go with it. The makings of a very good midfielder.

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whatsgoinonoutthere: ⏱ 13/01/2010

definately a raw talent, in my opinion have to play with quality players to become quality and i dont see 1 quality player at newcastle

norbit: ⏱ 13/01/2010

guthrie,nolan,smith and barton will be an amazing midfield.Everyone will be terrified to play them.all 4of them are quality players,whatsgoinonoutthere whats goin on up there??

whatsgoinonoutthere: ⏱ 13/01/2010

what guthrie nolan smith and barton aquality midfield?? you must be joking, in this league maybe in premiership mediocre at the most!! barcelona midfield is quality, real madrids midfield is quality, arsenals midfield is quality. i am a newcastle supporter just not disillusioned because we are at the top of a poor league!! have a word with yourself norbit

whatsgoinonoutthere: ⏱ 13/01/2010

and everyone terrified ha ha terrified incase they get there legs broken!! nolan is as fast as a tortoise with two legs, premiership defenders have him in there pocket smith cant do nothing in premiership apart from hack, guthrie is mediocre and barton has done nothing since he left man city! quality?? u make me laugh

scottishmag: ⏱ 13/01/2010

Only in this league is guthrie a good player. Does not score enough goals. Assists are too rare. When out wide does not have the pace to go round the full back. Does not have quick feet. First instinct is to pass backwards. If and when you go to games do you never wonder why all our attacking play is down our left side. Coz that is where all our skill is. Point proven spidey just laid a goal on for lover boy

chuck: ⏱ 13/01/2010

Danny Guthrie will never be more than a bench filler on any PL team, anyone who thinks otherwise ,well erm thats my opinion.

Doocey: ⏱ 13/01/2010

I think he's a quality player in the making. Time will tell but I think for £2m we've spent, it hasn't been a bad buy.

Robby Bobson: ⏱ 13/01/2010

Scottish mag...assists are too rare? He's topping the assist league in championship this season. He is not a winger though and can sometimes be sloppy in the middle but he is young as is a great passer and does have a touch of class at times just need to see more of it.

Robby Bobsom: ⏱ 13/01/2010

Ok he's second but 8 assists for a season where he's been in and out the team ain't bad

Sir Bobby: ⏱ 13/01/2010

Guthrie has some potential definitely a raw talent. Scottishmag what are talking about, Guthrie has 8 assists this season. Guthrie's flaws: Takes to long to Pass, so the opportunity and to attack is lost Does stupid useless turn after turn with the ball when he is actually beating no one but himself and wasting time. Gives away the ball WAY TOO MUCH in recent games, his passing has been shish this season if I'm honest(in contradiction of Keegans' he's a liverpool boy doesn't give away the ball good passing etc. sorry but NOT THIS SEASON, he can't pass for shish). Guthrie's Strengths: His only strength this season has been his crossing, I think all of his 8 assists or at least most of them have been crosses from the right wing.

bluetoon: ⏱ 13/01/2010

look hes a good lad and at times plays well but just think of the PL teams and there midfields and if guthrie was up against them hed be lost.when we go up next year we need alot of money to bring in quality players and we need ashley gone by then cos he wont throw us enuff money if any.all he does is sign players on loan.

MacToon: ⏱ 14/01/2010

Hope you don't mind the link Doocey :) just the 3 goals if anyone's interested: http://www.itv.com/sport/football/news/facup/matchreports/report-newcastle-v-plymouth-483863622.html

The Entertainers: ⏱ 14/01/2010

Oh Shittu..........! Ever heard the saying "Does what it says on the tin" ?

GeordieFootSoldier: ⏱ 14/01/2010

Re Guthrie I am still undecided regarding him; over the past 2 seasons I have seen him play he has had some shockers aand has deserved to be subbed and dropped. I also believe he is not the snswer playing wide right as he continually cuts inside (except for the peach of a pass for that goal). It is the worst kept secret that we wanted Kilgallon, Beckford and Simpson; but am I on my own in saying we have a crying need for a WIDE RIGHT PLAYER to balance our team, this is so obvious when I watch us play. If we could only have one new player coming in, then this is the position I would look to strengthen. Lovenkrands, Guthrie, Taylor R and Pancrates have all been given their chance, not to mention Barton when he was briefly fit and none have shown they could hold their place. Every opposition manager knows to attack us down this flank is the most effective way to break us down. Realistically who could we afford to get for this position? Dooce could you do a separate blog on this if you think it has any mileage?

Hitman: ⏱ 14/01/2010

doocey he will nev

Hitman: ⏱ 14/01/2010

sorry about that doocey i had to show wor lass where i wanted the new shelves put up. danny guthrie will never make a premiership player he's such a lazy b@stard , right am off to the pub for a few beers and an hour on the fruit machine , catch ye's later.