Danny Shittu, Danny Simpson, Matthew Kilgallon & Jemaine Beckford all Toon bound?

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Danny Shittu

Sky Sports are reporting that Bolton’s Danny Shittu could well arrive on Tyneside on a loan deal until the end of the season. The Nigerian hasn’t really had much of a look in at the Reebok and with the arrival of Owen Coyle, Newcastle are hopeful they can borrow the 6’2 centre half. Just in case you don’t know too much about him, he’s 29 years of age, a Nigerian international and has played for a fair few clubs in his time. He’s hoping Newcastle United will be his latest venture, to a mixed reaction of many a Toon fan so it seems.

Needless to say, Shittu could be quite good at Championship level and it’s understood that QPR have been pipped at the post by Chris Hughton and his team for the Nigerian. Not only this, but a permanent deal for Danny Simpson also looks to be entering it’s final stages., and I personally quite like this transfer.

Various sources indicate that Matthew Kilgallon will leave to a club for £1.75m this January, with us being the obvious targets. However, Kilgallon revealed that he turned a move to Burnley down, surprisingly rejecting a Premier League opportunity.

With the long drawn-out saga of Jermaine Beckford, we don’t know what;s true and what is absolute rubbish regards this lads transfer. The latest says Leeds was £2.3m and Newcastle will only offer £1.5m. This could leave a stalemate, or one side eventually sways to the others.

If Kilgallon, Beckford, Simpson & Shittu all arrive then you can’t fault Chris Hughton. He’s acted pretty quickly and seems determined to bring people in, alongside some of Mike Ashley’s cash.

Also would like to give a shout out to Peter Lovenkrands for his excellent hat-trick yesterday at home to Plymouth Argyle. It was the ‘perfect’ hat trick, one with his left foot, one with his right and a header. Been a while since I’ve saw that. Keep them coming Peter 😀

What do you guys thinks of all these transfer ‘goings on’?

Comments welcome 🙂

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Joseph: ⏱ 14/01/2010

Kilgallon won't move anywhere, not when he can get a nice signing on fee when hes a free transfer and apparently Everton will pick him up on a free in the summer. Shittu well at least we're not buying him.

Ed Harrison: ⏱ 14/01/2010

Great effort by Peter last night and he will have helped to tilt the transfer of Jermaine Beckford our way. Maybe we don't need Beckford after all, if Peter can stay fit and show us the form of last night. He's a natural predator - like Michael Owen was - note the past tense on that one. But as a number of reports said this morning Peter has never let the side down when he's been given his chance - and he should be delighted at his scoring prowess last night - long may it continue. Watch for Leeds to try to make a deal at 1.5M with Newcastle for Jermaine but I have doubts aboyut the ald's character and temperament - the last thing we want is some prima donna in the squad - we've had our fill of those. I still think Kilgallon will end up at Everton in the summer and would be surprised if he's transferred in January - but we'll see - anything seems possible in football these days.

Chris: ⏱ 14/01/2010

Nope. Lovenkrands has never been a consistent goalscorer, which is what we need.

Alex: ⏱ 14/01/2010

I hope at least the simpson deal will be done and shittu brought in on loan . That way we are at least covered enough defence wise ,i would rather kilgallon in ahead of shittu but the news reports seem to have him going to Everton in the summer . As for Beckford no thanks after lovenkrands display against plymouth ,why should we ? we would be beter going for a creative midfielder or a younger striker . After all beckford is 26 and has not played above the 1st division its not like he is a promising young talent just starting out .

nufc: ⏱ 14/01/2010

shittu would be a good loan move but a would buy him but he could still be ok to get us back up

Lism: ⏱ 14/01/2010

Beckford wud be a HUD. Sighning seeing as he scored against man u with the support of Leeds and Newcastle are a lot more creative than Leeds and put beckford in front of goal and he's as cool as any other striker in the prem also he has speed lovencrand s and beckford wud be the quickest partnership in all of the English leagues with lovencrands anouncing last season that he cud run 100m in 11seconds not 2 shabby and jonas on the wing so creative and Enrique bags full of skill I'd be happy but I'd target a quality right midfielder in the summer a maybe a creative centrall midfielder may nigel reo coker as he is not getting a run out wif Aston villa

SB: ⏱ 14/01/2010

I heard Simpson isn't coming. Fee agreed with man u but Ashley is giving him a poor package so he will be leaving after Mondays game- shame because he's a canny good defender

Robby Bobson: ⏱ 14/01/2010

Im not sure if ive forgiven Shittu yet for his cockup 2nd from last game of the season against Hull giving them that vital point. Decent player though and would be good to bring on in games when we are under pressure because he can head.

Doocey: ⏱ 14/01/2010

It'll be interesting to see what happens in the next few days. Hopefully some quality will arrive in Simpson. Just have to see.

tom mchuhh: ⏱ 14/01/2010

shitu?it will be the nearest we will get to signing kaka.

Robby Bobson: ⏱ 14/01/2010

Birmingham have released Espinoza...a centre back capped 90 times for his country. Wouldn't be a bad shout for a trial. The manager didnt want him to begin with, so dont think its really a reflection of his ability he's been released as he was never given a chance.

TheHeyman: ⏱ 14/01/2010

thought shittu was taller, a real monster of a center back?

sean sturrock: ⏱ 14/01/2010

we should be looking for a right winger too

tanzy: ⏱ 14/01/2010

outs gerimi £750,000 xisco £1m ins beckford £1.5m simpson £500,000 shittu loan per ciljan stiljbred £4m team harper simpson s.taylor coloccini enrique guthrie nolan smith stiljbred carroll beckford subs ameobi , shittu , r.taylor , lovenkrands , gutierez , ranger , krul does anyone have inside info on how transfers are goin

bluetoon: ⏱ 14/01/2010

i dont know anytin bout dis fella stiljbred but i had a good laf wen i seen 4m next to his name.do you honestly think that fat c**t will fork out 4m on a player.i love newcastle but some of the lads here are dreaming thinkin we're going to sign this fella or that fella.ever since ashley arrived at evry transfer window we'd hear we're buyin 5 players and then end up getn 1 maybe 2 on loan.its so frustrating.the sooner this window is over the better.sick of them filling us with crap and giving us false hope.role on feb 1st.and lets get on with goin up as champions with a trophy to put in our dusty cabinet.

sean sturrock: ⏱ 15/01/2010

beckford, shittu , commons. thats what i heard but then again we always end up with one of "our" targets or none

craig chisholm: ⏱ 15/01/2010

its the usual crap. we aint buying anyone. we will be weaker cum the end of the window. we will lose simpson - who is not coming now as we failed to agree personal terms with the lad. Harewood has gone and will not be replaced by anyone let alone beckford. cum the end of the window the bottom line will be, we will have less players than we had before the window opnened. Obviously ashley wants to see us fade away in the second half of the season, i will put my money on the table now and say we will miss the automatic play off spots and will be in the bag for the play offs only. We could have had our deals done so quick this window, beckford for 2 million and simpson in on permenant deals and let geremi go on a free, that would still leave our wages in a better position. wake up lads, its the middle of the window and nothing, not a shred of even a truthfull hint of anyone coming in.

DJG: ⏱ 15/01/2010

The journal are saying that the simpson deal looks set to break down. I think if we loose our first choice right back we have missed a trick here big time. This is not a gamble signing like Beckford, the lad has made the RB slot his own this season and looks good enough for the prem IMO. If he go's back to Man U because of the fee or wages, it is an indication that Ashley has again lied and doesn't intend to invest a penny in this squad and will try and sell to the highest bidder in the summer. i would be suprised if anyone comes in during the window apart from the usual last second loan signing to put a picture in the back of the chronicle.

A. Iveson: ⏱ 15/01/2010

Seriously, you're saying jermaine beckford is the difference between running away with this league and only get in the play-offs, well him and simpson. We have some VERY good young'uns who could easily hold their own in the fizzy pop league, harewood was a donkey and kizvan whatever his name was wont be a miss and at least it will give Kadar, Ranger, Ngo Baheng, Morris, Donaldson, Tozer, Danquah etc a chance. Stuff loan signings these lads would walk across fire to get first team footy. As for Ashley wanting to see us fade away, well that would be a clever buisness decision would'nt it.

Dolly Dobbin: ⏱ 15/01/2010

mike ashley is a compulsive liar and i would urge the continuation of hurling abuse at him at all times. his band of sympathizers who class themselves as newcastle fans should be rounded up immediatley taken to the river tyne then each one have lead weights tied to their ankles and thrown in. the world would be a better place without them.

icedog: ⏱ 15/01/2010

DOOCEY;i see the guy some ribbed you about (G BARNES)is now at WBA,training with them win some lose some,when do toon win some?

batty: ⏱ 15/01/2010

doocey take a look at ed harrisons blog m8

clint_toon: ⏱ 15/01/2010

What happened to the £20m that Ashley was going to give C.H this window??

chuck: ⏱ 15/01/2010

Wowe Dolly ! lighten up girl !

Doocey: ⏱ 15/01/2010

Ed's blog is back, some good news for Toon fans :D

Hitman: ⏱ 15/01/2010

doocey , i wouldn't be to bothered if we didn't sign danny shitu , he's got a bad attitude , he's to laid back & he's a lazy b@stard. well am gonna take a slow walk down to the club to see if tommy want's to buy some cheap baccy & i'll probably have a few pints before wor lass pick's is up - catch ye's later.