Is Fitz Hall really in talks with Newcastle United?

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Hall - Was linked last year but whether he's on the radar now we don't know

The news today is that Fitz Hall is having talks with Newcastle United FC & if these reports are to be believed, the talks aren't going too well. A little reading around brought me to this issue and I'm not really sure if there's any truth in it. Fitz Hall was linked last year and came close to a move if sources are to be believed, however it was wage demands that scuppered any possible switch to St.James’ Park. We do have the profile of giving players bigger wages if they move but the circle has gone full turn now, with us only being able to match a players wages, if we can.

Danny Simpson is meant to have signed a £10,000k a week contract and if true, it's a very small wage-pack compared to the likes of Shola Ameobi, Joey Barton and so on.

Whether Hall is really in talks I don't know but I doubt it. The former Wigan man has been mentioned in the same frame as Newcastle many a time before but whether this time he'll eventually make a permanent move does pose questions.

I'd like another CB at Newcastle and Hall could do a job, especially now as it seems Matthew Kilgallon will make the move to Sunderland and look to try get a few minutes playing time there.

“Newcastle aren’t willing to pay him any more than QPR does, and the club needs all the defensive help it can at the moment.”

If the rumour is true that he won't join unless he's paid more money then talks should be broken off this minute. No longer do we sign over-paid ‘have beens’ and Hall is no kid at the age of 29.

We'll just have to see.

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