Portsmouth or Newcastle need to fork out an extra £1.2m or Williamson won’t arrive on Tyneside

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Pompey - A real mess at that club right now both financially and on the fields

After successfully completing a medical on Tyneside, Mike Williamson was expected to secure a £1m transfer to Newcastle today. However, some late checks on the contract by Pompey have resulted in them finding a snag or a little clause that they had forgot about. Sky Sports (who else?) reported that the deal had indeed been stalled after the club found the clause and they want Newcastle United to pay it. I haven't heard how much it really is but the rumoured figure could mean in splashing out an extra £1.2m. After already having a £1m accepted, an extra £1.2 would bring the transfer to nearly £2.5m, more expensive than Matthew Kilgallon's transfer to Sunderland.

The deal has hit the rocks so to speak and until this is settled, Mike Williamson and all 6ft4 of him won't be pulling on a Newcastle United shirt. Williamson's transfer came out of the blue really, although we were linked to him the season he completed his £3m transfer to Portsmouth.

There's only one way to see if Williamson is worth the money but I'd very much doubt that Chris Hughton or especially Mike Ashley, would plan on splashing an extra million on a player many Newcastle United fans have never heard of.

To be honest, as sad as it sounds, I was surprised to see that someone was coming in the January transfer window for a fee at all, and in the region of a million. Long gone are the days we spent £10 & £17m on a player who had their younger days behind them.

It'll be interested to see what happens & whether indeed a move for Williamson is ditched in favour of a loan move for Andy O'Brien. A I think we all remember O'Brien, a Newcastle player, and the last defender Shearer beat before scoring his 206th goal for Newcastle United 😀

What do you lot think?

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