Llambias – Newcastle United not for sale anytime soon

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Ashley - No plans to sell Newcastle United FC in the very near future

He's a man we've wanted out for a couple of years now. I do mention ‘we’ because I'm sure every Newcastle United fan out there, young and old, saw what has happened since Mike Ashley took over. Relegation and so on, but let's not get into that as it's been discussed many a time before. There's an interesting article in the Telegraph today with Derek Llambias and indeed his & Mike's stance on Newcastle United FC. He also claimed that they're starting to win back the fans but there's a thousand miles to go yet, before he'll be a warm figure on Tyneside.

Speaking today, Llambias said :

‘It is not up for sale – it is not up for sale at all,'

‘The position is there is no money out there. The reality is that football is not what it was. We had two possible buyers and they didn't put their money up. So at the end of the day they are not real.

‘You cannot lose the income we have lost in relegation and still be where we are. So Mike has put in £25 million in December and he has put in another five million in this week and he is committed.'

We're hearing a huge amount about this ‘£25m’ that Mike Ashley has put into the club in running it, and Llambias has also mentioned the figures spent on players to be about £5.5m. Williamson was bough for £1.2m or thereabouts, Routledge we'll say £2m, Danny Simpson £500k and whether he's including the loan fees in that I'm not sure but I'm guessing that the fee for Leon Best was near or perhaps over the £1m mark. Something worth noting.

Llambias continued :

‘Do I feel we are winning them back over? Slowly, slowly,'

‘I think the reality is coming back into football with what has happened in January at West Ham and Portsmouth and other lower division clubs and what is going on with Man U at the moment. ‘

There's no doubt some people are grateful for Ashley not putting the club into administration and personally, I'm quite pleased at our financial state compared to other clubs. Needless to say, there's still serious financial implications left behind by former owners and so forth, but I'd like to think we're getting the books balanced as the time goes by.

It's an interesting article in the Telegraph today and certainly worth reading. You can read it Here.

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