Are NUST wasting their time with NUFC?

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###NUST - Are they wasting their time with plan to buy Newcastle United FC?

NUST were big news last year when Mike Ashley was desperate to sell Newcastle United. They were on Sky Sports boasting plans of owning the club or indeed I should say, the fans owning the club in a similar style to Barcelona. However, they never made the offer if reports are to be correct and they never managed to get hold of the North-East club. Saying that, they're still plugging away and are hopeful of a possible buy-out. A lot of people cannot see this happening and I am one of them, however it does sound great in theory.

With Newcastle United top of the table looking set for an immediate Premier League return we'll will see a lot more money involved in the season long campaign. With a generally happy morale in the club, a safe manager and as always the great fans that fill St.James’ Park, you can't see Mike Ashley selling too quickly.

As a businessman he looks for profit, for exposure and indeed for new ventures that could yield a bucket of money. I think it's fair to say that he won't be loading himself or hasn't at least, with money at Newcastle United.

It's very hard to make a considerable amount of money from a football club unless you're Manchester United which is basically a license to print money, although their huge debt would suggest otherwise.

Fans owning the club sounds great but where the finances will come from is a totally different question. That said, NUST are still looking to get hold of their beloved club and implement their plans. With Newcastle United valued at £100m in the Coca Cola Championship, their value will surely double when they hit the Premier League. If NUST couldn't afford £100m, where on earth will they muster up a substantial amount more than this?

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