Leon Best is going nowhere – Give the lad a chance

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Best - Hasn’t been a giving the sight of day at Newcastle United this season

All I’ve been hearing of late is of who will be leaving Newcastle United this summer and throughout lists of many fans preferred ‘Ins and Outs’ I’ve noticed that Leon Best is close to the top of them. To be quite honest, I can’t understand why. This is the lad we bought on the final day in January from Coventry, who was their leading scorer at that stage and well up the scoring charts . After his move, he didn’t get a huge amount of playing time in the Newcastle United shirt but on his sub appearances, he’s done quite well. in fact, I’d credit him for that precious point we earned at Swansea in a 1-1 draw. A draw that went a long way towards us winning the title and indeed inevitably, denting their play-off plans.

He arrived in January as I said, and people are expecting him to be shipped out of the Toon (No pun intended) this coming Summer? Best is only 23, and with Andy Carroll, Peter Lovenkrands and Shola Ameobi all notching up very impressive tallies for the season, was there ever the chance that Best would knock any of those out of the team for a prolonged period of time?

Best will stay at Newcastle United this season as far as I’d be concerned and get a nice run out too if you ask me. Whether we buy a striker and a good one at that, time will tell but we probably do need a proven Premier League goal-scorer and no, please don’t say Andy Carroll.

A small amount of fans want rid of Best already with things being bouted around like ‘ Just not good enough IMO’ or ‘Hasn’t proved his worth to Newcastle, ship him off’. Ridiculous to say the least. How many games has Best started? Fair enough he didn’t manage a goal but if he did, I would’ve put money on him banging a few more in after it.

That said, I really would be surprised if Newcastle United sold or indeed released Leon Best in the Summer. As my headline suggests, give the lad a chance and judge him after a season. A lot of thought Fabrice Pancrate was ‘pure quality’ when he smacked one in against Watford too eh?

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B: ⏱ 05/05/2010

He has been given over 200-300 chances. Stupidest article ever made.

Doocey: ⏱ 06/05/2010

Test Comment.

B: ⏱ 06/05/2010

He has been given over 200-300 chances. Stupidest article ever made.

Chris F: ⏱ 06/05/2010

I&#39;d agree with you, he&#39;s not had much game time and yes he&#39;s not scored (and even missed a couple of good chances) but his overall play has always been beneficial for the team - I seem to recall him getting a couple of vital assists when he has played.<br><br>Some toon fans are just too bloody fickle.

Oh Say Enrique: ⏱ 06/05/2010

Completely agree, we&#39;re always going to have people like this though. All the lads have done well this season, dont get on any of their backs and lets just see what happens, we cant control the team and we shouldnt be heaping negativity from booing or such onto our players.<br><br>the boo boys will be back in force now we are in the premier league and the real fans need to drown that out of our club.<br><br>we should support anyone that plays in a black and white shirt.

al: ⏱ 06/05/2010

He&#39;s just not very good! Better than Ranger though.

Doocey: ⏱ 06/05/2010

Good to see. Installed a new comments systems. Would love feedback on it lads. Working alright for ye? :)

dave: ⏱ 06/05/2010

if you cant understand why leon best is useless try opening your eyes and have a look the guy is garbage and to say a small minority want him out confirms your total stupidity.

Doocey: ⏱ 06/05/2010

Good to see the comments system is working anyway :D

hirdy: ⏱ 06/05/2010

Give the guy a chance, I thought we Aussies were fickle especially with the AFL clubs we support. Leon is only 23 and still has plenty of improvement left in him. Think of him as a work in progress. Next season I think he will surprise a lot of the boo boys once the ball goes in the back of the net the first time for him.

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[...] Leon Best is going nowhere – Give the lad a chance &#8211; Tyne Time [...]

ToonMonkey: ⏱ 06/05/2010

"To be quite honest, I can’t understand why" - then why the hell do you feel qualified to write a blog? You clearly know nothing about football if you can&#39;t see why Best will fail in the prem like he failed in the championship

Ian: ⏱ 06/05/2010

Leon Best&#39;s record is atrocious, he has averaged one goal every four games throughout his career playing at clubs like Coventry and Crewe. His last season at Coventry he was doing okay, but nothing I have seen makes me think he could score goals in the premiership. He is a division one/championship striker. We need striker that can score 20 goals in the premiership no goals from 13 appearances in the championship (albeit inc 7 sub appearances) suggests he was an atrocious buy.

Ian: ⏱ 06/05/2010

Hirdy - There can only be improvement because he can&#39;t possibly get worse. No pace, no vision, no discernible skill. Coventry must have laughed all the way to the bank. The lad is so far out of his depth it is unreal. The only reason to have a player like that at the club is to make ameobi look good!

Tom: ⏱ 06/05/2010

I&#39;m a Coventry City fan. And to see you&#39;re ridiculous comments about Leon Best, it makes me laugh! Have you seen his aerial skills? have you seen how he can hold up the ball? Leon Best is a pure goal scorer. Hughton is not giving him enough of a chance! How many players score on their debut? not alot. If I were a Newcastle fan, I would want rid of Shola Ameobi

boaterboy: ⏱ 06/05/2010

Is there anything more childish than people saying "you obviously don&#39;t know anything about football if...."???<br><br>THat is to suggest comment isn&#39;t valid if it doesn&#39;t match your own? One of the problems with newcastle has always been the lynch-mob scapegoating players for their pound of flesh.<br><br>L Best may or may not work out next season- from the bench, but any successful club has to give players a fair crack. I&#39;m sure hughton will bring in another striker regardless. <br><br>The benwell rat boy bile that you read on these pages,, honestly it gives us a bad name. (toonmonkey?)

Johan: ⏱ 06/05/2010

" Like he failed in the Championship" <br><br>The guy got 12 goals was it in the Championship, hardly a failure. You&#39;re a fucking noob man..

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JonasWarrio: ⏱ 06/05/2010

Dooceyman is right. give the fuckin man a chance ye tools, aint got a notion about how a football club workz.

Adam: ⏱ 06/05/2010

Coventry fan and this season Leon looked like a new player and I was gutted when he left. Holds up a ball as well as anyone and will win a lot in the air too. Against Watford away he was awesome, they couldn&#39;t handle him, which we could&#39;ve done with last week!<br>I believe the problem is without doubt confidence, every successful striker scores at their new club early on and he hasn&#39;t and therefore I don&#39;t think he&#39;ll be a success at Newcastle (Forlan for example at United, European Golden Boot twice since he&#39;s left). Until January I would&#39;ve said he was on for top goalscorer and would&#39;ve walked into any side but since looks half the player.<br>I think you have to remember it&#39;s an intimidating atmosphere for the lad, walking out at St James Park and he&#39;s bound to be feeling the pressure.<br>If you don&#39;t make the signings give him a chance cos despite Andy Carroll&#39;s success, I&#39;d rather have Leon, If not offload him while he&#39;s still worth something.

ToonMonkey: ⏱ 06/05/2010

Johan - so you actually have the ability to say anything without using the "F" word? Very mature! And yes, he failed in the championship for us (unless you are you a Coventry fan?). <br><br>As for "boaterboy". Blind faith is one thing, burying your head in the sand and pretending everything will work out is another. When someone clearly isn;t cut out for the job, just accept it.<br><br> No doubt you both thought Souness, Big Sam, Marcellino, Boumsong et al all deserved a chance too? Didn&#39;t they all work out well.....

AlanP: ⏱ 07/05/2010

Another (sane) Coventry supporter here. Leon Best isnt a goal scorer or a &#39;box player&#39; For us he played in 91 Championship games, scored 18 goals with 7 assists.<br><br>He is a very poor version of Heskey- and definitely not good enough for the Premiership.

Doocey: ⏱ 07/05/2010

Time will tell but I can&#39;t see Best leaving just yet!

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[...] Leon Best is going nowhere – Give the lad a chance &#8211; Tyne Time [...]

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[...] Leon Best is going nowhere – Give the lad a chance &#8211; Tyne Time [...]

Dabeast09: ⏱ 14/03/2011

use must feel like right arseholes now just read back what you've wrote then google most prolific striker of 2011 i think you'll find leon best behind van persie an infront of rooney, defoe, bent you name them. goes 2 show you no the game of football an players lolololololololol