Jonas Gutierrez astonishingly focused on the 2010 World Cup

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Jonas - Eager to do well with Argentina in South Africa this month

Indeed Jonas Gutierrez is so concentrated on this upcoming World Cup that he forgot to pack normal everyday clothes! Packing just football gear and a tracksuit, Jonas forgot to put some normal clothes in what seemingly was a very small suitcase. However, he claims that it's his ultimate focus for Argentina at the World Cup this year that inevitably resulted in him arriving in South Africa with no normal clothes to wear. Unfortunately there was no betting market for such an event to happen, however have pretty every other football related market covered.

Argentina are Tyne Time's team to watch this summer alongside Mexico, who we think will do quite well and it happens to be Mexico who start proceedings against the hosts South Africa tomorrow.

At normal bookmakers, you'll get the free tenner or twenty bet but Titan Bet has gone a step further and offered you even more. As well as that, they've a $100,000,000 competition on offer too. Predict the scores of every match in the World Cup and you'll be guaranteed one-hundred million. However, it's $100,000,000 for a reason, basically because it's close to impossible to do!

We hope that Jonas will have a good tournament with Argentina as it's rumoured that he'll be starting RB for Maradona's side. Either way, we just like to see a Toon player on the worlds biggest stage despite whether he actually deserves to be there or not.

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