Giovani dos Santos would be an excellent acquisition for Newcastle United

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dos Santos - Would be a great signing for Chris Hughton & Newcastle United

Watching the World Cup so far, I’ve mainly been impressed by two teams, and one of them was not England. Argentina and Mexico have both had a real go at the competition and it’s unfortunate that the Mexicans had to meet Maradona’s side in the first knock-out round of the competition. A very offside goal from Carlos Tevez knocked spirits in Javier Aguirre’s camp and they never recovered. I can only imagine what a real game it would have been should the goal have been ruled out, however, I could talk all day about goals that shouldn’t have stood if you get my drift.

Mexico were very good in the World Cup, drawing with the hosts on the first day of the tournament, and indeed beating France in emphatic style. Besides a very bright Carlos Salcido, a certain Giovani dos Santos has caught my eye. This is a guy who has been playing at Ipswich last season, Spurs the season before that and Barcelona before that again. However, he’s been a real joy to watch at the World Cup in South Africa.

His movement, his pace, his ability on the ball and his real work-rate impressed me so much in the last few weeks. Even when they trailed Argentina 3-0, he chased every ball down near him and worked for the team.

Now, whether he’s going to have a future at White Hart Lane under Harry Redknapp remains to be seen but a loan deal for the upcoming Premier League campaign would surely be arrangeable?

I’d love to see the Mexican at St.James’ Park next season and it’s not that much of a longshot if you ask me. He needs game time, we need young players with some flair and that can get beyond players, seems a perfect match. Saying that, I’m sure we wouldn’t be the only ones interested if we were interested in him at all.

What do you lot think?

Comments always welcome 🙂

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Daniel_nufc: ⏱ 29/06/2010

i've been impressed with Japan, and Keisuke Honda from them looks a real player that i think we could go in for. Dos Santos does look good, but didnt really cut it at Spurs, I feel he would be worth a look at though.

Willburns6: ⏱ 29/06/2010

they is no way in hell Newcastle United can afford Keisuke Honda!

Doocey: ⏱ 29/06/2010

Yeah, Honda has looked good alright. Good penalty today too. I think dos Santos would be a suitable signing for Newcastle because he;s the type of player we need.!

sidtoon: ⏱ 29/06/2010

Aye Honda is out of our price range probably. Expect to see manure or arsenal bag that lad this summer. Okazaki however the young (record goal scoring) no.9 who got the third against denmark is still in the J-league now and would be available at around 3mil. <br><br>Dos Santos likes to run around a lot to no avail - I remember that in the past about him. A good runner but don&#39;t we need penetrative forwards not another headless chicken to keep jonas company.

Doocey: ⏱ 29/06/2010

Honda will certainly be sought after and I don&#39;t expect us to be one of the clubs in for him either, but it&#39;s his type player that we should be looking to recruit.

Anonymous: ⏱ 29/06/2010

Maybe he would join because he went to Ipswich season before last but with his peformances he probably has teams lining up to buy him. We can&#39;t afford to buy players like Giovani so a loan deal is our only (slim) chance of signing him.

Hugh: ⏱ 29/06/2010

GDS loves to party, and that was his downfall at Barcelona and Spurs as it affected his performances in training and in games<br><br>He was shipped off to Galatasary, in a Muslim country, where he couldn&#39;t party like he&#39;s used to, and it improved his game<br><br>If he was to play in Newcastle, he end up getting into his old bad habits, get hooked on brown ale, and end up getting fat and slow

Anon: ⏱ 29/06/2010

you guys come back up and you learn nothing! try and consolidate your place in the league before aiming too high once again. icarus syndrome or what!!?

Theyogifolk: ⏱ 29/06/2010

Dos Santos will be playing for the Tottenham next season. Harry will give him a go to impress in the preseason. He will be Lilywhite!!!

stoney: ⏱ 30/06/2010

He&#39;d love it at Newcastle. He could help Gazza. He likes going out on the piss and can&#39;t be bothered to turn up to training either. All yours lads.

Agreatthinker: ⏱ 30/06/2010

Why would he want to play for you lot? <br><br>If he ain&#39;t staying at Spurs, he&#39;ll depart on a permanent basis to a decent club... And you&#39;re going down. Again.<br><br>Bye!

THFCAdvisor: ⏱ 30/06/2010

Yes he has talent, but he&#39;s exactly the type of player NUFC acquired in abundance that resulted in your relegation - which, BTW, was prob the best thing that could&#39;ve happened, giving you the chance to clear the decks and build a hungry squad from scratch. I&#39;d have thought you guys would&#39;ve learned your lesson and shy away from foreign primadonna types in favour of building a core of young British players who have a work ethic and team spirit. If you want one of our players, someone like Jamie O&#39;Hara would be a much better move for you, but if you insist you can have GDS for £6m.

rcsouvik: ⏱ 30/06/2010

Just need to get a flair player in who wud luv to wear our strioes

Souvik Roy Chowdhury: ⏱ 30/06/2010

Just need to get a flair player in who wud luv to wear our stripes

championsleagueyid: ⏱ 30/06/2010

small club big league, 50,000 stadium wont get you a good player even if he is a res player for us, with hughton as yur manager your going straight back down, from the first game of the season thats wear your stay all season bottom 3, an andy carroll will see sense an begone in jan transfer to one the top 8

Markaccus: ⏱ 30/06/2010

Whats with all the spurs hatred towards the toon? Were you bummed by geordies while on holliday or something??<br>Give it a rest.

Evar: ⏱ 30/06/2010

It so nice to be back in the premier league where Newcastle fans get mocked consistently by fans of other clubs. Why are you on this website? - its about Newcastle - go get a life you spurs jokers. When we were down in the championship the fans of the other clubs actually respected us rather than acting like a complete idiot towards Newcastle fans.

Daniel_nufc: ⏱ 30/06/2010

what about Asamoah Gyan, the Ghanaian striker, he also seems a player and only plays for Stade-Rennais.

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