Newcastle tracking French starlet Mevlüt Erdinç?

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Erdinç - €6m bid reportedly rejected for the Frenchman in the last day or so

There are two questions here that need answering for many Newcastle United fans and they are as follows. Is this guys real name Mevlüt Erdinç or Melvut Erding? Who is he? and finally, do Newcastle United & Chris Hughton actually have some money to spend this summer? I can personally say that I don’t know a lot about Erdinç and I can’t say I’m an amid follower of Ligue 1 in France. However prominent French paper L’Equipe who broke the news of N’Zogbia wanting to leave, Pancrate joining us etc, have today produced an article claiming that a €6m bid for the forward had been rejected by Paris Saint-Germain.

A quick search around the web saw me come upon an article in where Arsenal were lining up the Frenchman. The author claimed that Mevlut was an Alan Shearer type player - good in the air, good with his feet and a very physically capable.

So we know that much about him. Wikipedia indicate that he’s 5’11 which is by no means an astounding height for a striker but a good height all the same. If any of you know much about this fella from Football Manager or anything, feel free to inform us on him in the comments area below this article.

Newcastle released a statement not too long ago issuing a bold claim ‘no capital outlay on new players’ however, if the reports are true and if we did indeed make a bid of £6m then that indicates that there is some money in the bank for bolstering our squad.

Saying that, we won’t be getting too excited. We don’t know a lot about this player, whether he’s worth above the £6m mark but he did score 15 goals in the ‘Premier Division’ or French football. That’s never a bad sign.

As well as that, he did only sign from Sochaux for 7.5m a little time ago, so where we’d be going with €6m beats me. That said, we’ll just have to see how things unravel as I’m sure they will.

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