Newcastle United Home Shirt – The jersey you hate to love

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Home Shirt - Nothing on the older Adidas designs if I may say so myself

After long deliberation the home kit of our beloved Newcastle United has finally been released and it has been met with mixed reaction. Some love it, others hate it and I myself, wouldn’t be the biggest fan of our new home jersey. The normal Black and White stripes as you’d expect, with Northern Rock still there but the Puma logo in the centre of the body, like the Adidas one too. However, it looks disproportionate with a big gap on the left side of the jersey. If they have placed the Puma logo across from the Newcastle badge then it would’ve looked much better,but these are the highly paid ‘designers’ for you.

Our away jersey and third kit are probably the better versions of these poor attempts from Puma, and they aren’t a stitch on some of Adidas’s previous designs for the Toon. The jersey will be the least of our worries though this summer as we face a tough season in the Premier League.

We’re sure a certain percentage of you Geordies will come out and buy the jersey to support the team, and credit to you. However, the vast majority of supporters aren’t best pleased with Puma’s first attempt at Toon shirt. That said, it’s all about what happens on the pitch and in St.James’ Park.

We’ve a very tough tie against Manchester United first game of the season in Old Trafford, oddly the same first fixture in our last Premier League season when we were inevitably relegated. We drew 1-1 that day with Kevin Keegan in charge, and Obafemi Martins scoring the opener. How things have changed.

What do you think about Newcastle’s new kits?

And one last thing, the very first picture at the start of the article. Is it just me or is Kevin Nolan’s shorts a little tight?

Comments welcome 🙂

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Wearethemags: ⏱ 02/07/2010

As much as I like it (hey, I&#39;m a sucker for a new black & white NUFC shirt!) I have a few of issues with it.....<br><br>1) I don&#39;t like the fact that the NUFC badge is half-on/half-off the stripes. It looks cheap & tacky. <br><br>2) The white surround of the NUFC badge on the black stripe makes it look like it&#39;s an iron-on transfer - it had better not be.....<br><br>3) It will be interesting to see if Puma have made as good a job as adidas in applying the &#39;Northern Rock&#39; sponsor logo on the front. adidas did a great job of this, yet from the photos, the Puma job looks shiny - ie. a cheap iron-on version.<br><br>4) It looks a bit lopsided with the Puma badge in the middle - but then again, adidas did this quite a lot in the later years, so I can live with it.<br><br>5) The shirt material looks VERY cheap. That&#39;s a stand alone comment, without even beginning to compare it to the adidas shirts (the same goes for the training wear as well).<br><br>6) We don&#39;t know how the back of the shirt looks. Is it solid black (or white) like the latter adidas shirts were, or is it striped (& if it IS striped, what colour will the names & numbers be?).<br><br>7) Why does (& lets be honest here) an inferior quality shirt, made by an inferior manufacturer, released in the middle of the biggest global recession in the last 30 years, by the owner of the worlds&#39; biggest price under-cutting sports shop, cost £5 more than the better quality previous shirt? This is absolutely bonkers.<br><br>8) Why are the away & third shirts the same tacky template, just with the colours reversed? I mean, the only time we&#39;re likely (or rather NOT likely) to wear the all white 3rd shirt, is if we end up playing Inter Milan away - or Gillingham, or Rochdale..... Apart from that???!!!<br><br>Don&#39;t get me wrong, it&#39;s not ALL bad, I do actually like the following.....<br><br>1) The boxer short (as in the fighter, not the underwear!) waistband & Puma logo on the shorts. Although it looks great, I can&#39;t imagine it to be very comfortable to wear.....<br><br>2) I like the fact that - even on the white & black training wear - Puma have used a blue logo and not a black one, to ensure that there isn&#39;t a &#39;black cat&#39; on our kits!!<br><br>3) Errrmmm..... I... Err... I... Err... (help me out here someone!!)<br><br>4) It&#39;s black & white and it has a Newcastle United badge on it!<br><br>5) It&#39;s 3:05am, Magnum PI has just come on the telly, and I&#39;m eating jam rolly-polly and custard so - gotta go!!<br><br>Toon! Toon! Keep the faith everyone & remember: I coulda been worse, we coulda been born a mackem...!!

Marsbar: ⏱ 02/07/2010

How come the keeper top has the Puma logo on the left whilst for the players its in the centre?

NordicNufc: ⏱ 02/07/2010

Its a footy top,nothing less nothing more.. damn fashion animals that never get satisfied. you just dont like the puma shirts simply because it was fat mike who negotiated the deal with puma. i bet that the shirt would be seen as brilliant if we had another chairman etc. And one more thing,i love that the badge isnt embroided,NO MORE SOAR NIPPLES!

Robby Bobson: ⏱ 02/07/2010

You do realise if it was symmetrical the puma logo would be on the white there would be a BLACK CAT on the shirt....i&#39;m sure thats not the reason its there but still its good!

Doocey: ⏱ 02/07/2010

Yes that&#39;s been mentioned but we could&#39;ve put it blue or something. It would just look far better with it directly across from the Newcastle United logo.

Tyneside Terrier: ⏱ 02/07/2010

Don&#39;t see what there is to complain about doocey.Pretty tidy kit by the looks of it

Cmoy3240: ⏱ 02/07/2010

Not much different from those during the last few seasons, dumb collar, very bland design, any average person would have no problem designing something better.<br>So much for Puma !

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Ste: ⏱ 06/08/2010

ive got it and the northern rock sign i could literally peel off, the shirt is cheap, im such a mug for shelling out £55 on this shirt and the name and number (which you really need to have, otherwise you will have just a huge white blanket on your back, which makes this shirt look even worse) Anything but a toon top and i wouldn&#39;t even look at it. Sums up the owners, cheap manufacture but exploiting the fans and their loyalty, any way of making a quick buck eh Ashley...?

Doocey: ⏱ 08/08/2010

That&#39;s unfortunate. Can&#39;t say I&#39;m the biggest fan either. Seems a very low budget kit, but for £55 you need to be getting something of decent quality. Ah well, if the lads stay up, we won&#39;t be complaining :)