Newcastle United looking to recruit Dan Gosling

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Dan Gosling may well walk out of Goodison Park on a free transfer

News from Sky Sports claim that Newcastle United are becoming extremely interested in Everton’s Dan Gosling and may well swoop for the 20 year-old. Gosling, who has been in a tangle with new contract negotiations may well leave this club this summer and Chris Hughton seems keen to recruit the 2009 FA Cup 4th Round hero. I must say, I’d be really pleased with Gosling at Newcastle if we could manage it but we do have a of midfield players at the same time. He’s also played a couple of times in the RB position and perhaps that’s what Chris Hughton and co. are looking at.

We needn’t doubt the fact that there will be tons of other clubs interested in him, from the Championship right up to the Premier League and the likes of Aston Villa or West Ham may well battle it out for his signature.

I think he’d be better off coming to Newcastle, playing in front of 52,000 fans and improving as a player. Let’s remember, he’s far from an accomplished midfielder as of now, but he has a bright future from the games I’ve seen him play in so far.

There will be more rumours about this lad and Newcastle in the coming days for sure, so we’ll just have to see how things work out. I certainly wouldn’t mind him at St.James’ Park next season though.

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Robby Bobson: ⏱ 03/07/2010

If guthrie continues the development he showed this season then him and guthrie in 3-4 years time will be majestic.

Hahahaha: ⏱ 03/07/2010

Or maybe he'll be better staying at the fourth most successful club in English football, a club were he is adored by the fans, and who took a chance on him! We're also on the up and are regularly fighting for european places whilst Newcastle are only newly promoted and will be going for around 15-11th place

Doocey: ⏱ 03/07/2010

Perhaps. However, Everton made a mess of contract talks and he might want to move to a club where he'll get playing time, in front of more fans than he'd get at Goodison Park. Just a though.

Souvik Roy Chowdhury: ⏱ 03/07/2010

Wud luv to see another good prospect cumin to St. James's

Russell: ⏱ 03/07/2010

everton on the slide mate, your losing players faster then water goes down a plug hole. lescott and andy johnson have already seen the light. arteta and pienaar will soon be on there way. you had the chance to become a top4 team and blew it, your broke, and city, spurs and villa have all overtaken you.<br><br>the only way for your team son is down

Russell: ⏱ 03/07/2010

your club is as broke as we are. all of your star players are leaving. rooney aswell left for a club that showed more ambition. if you wanna hear about loyalty just ask alan shearer who turned down manu to play for newcastle.

Russell: ⏱ 03/07/2010

its not about club its about premier league playing time. In front of 52,000 he has a chance of making a name for himdelf. he wont even get on the bench for everton. like rodwell another wasted talent from everton, people talk about him replacing lampard for england, when the cunt cant even break into the everton team.

Theeck2010: ⏱ 03/07/2010

My dear Magpies, you are a big club, and most true fans are pleased to see you back in the top tier, but there is no need to slag off a team who are actually trying to live within their means unlike the rest of the premiership. Yes we are behind the likes of Spuds and Citeh in spending power, but we will not go broke if our owners walk away unlike most other teams (see Liverpoo, Chelski, Man Ure etc) and you of all people should know that poor financing can be disastrous. The fact that you actually admit that he cannot get in to our side yet would walk in to yours (he would play more regularly) admits we are a better side and shoots down your own argument in flames. Now please go away and save up for a colour shirt instead of that awful black and white number.....

HTHTh: ⏱ 03/07/2010

Cant see it TBH, I dont get why he would leave Everton who despite now being in the same boat as the rest who cant get a spot in europe down to the spending power of the top 6 or 7, Are a well run club with a good manager who would bring the kid on no worries.<br><br>More interested in our much needed striker and full back cover...

Doocey: ⏱ 03/07/2010

Everton have done brilliantly to live within their means in the last 10 years and David Moyes has done a great job with the side, however, whether Gosling has a future at Goodison Park or not is up for debate. He&#39;d be very useful at Newcastle that&#39;s for sure.

Paddy: ⏱ 03/07/2010

Lets see who finishes higher in the league then, Everton or the newly promoted Newcastle. You Geordies are unbelievably delusional,you have only been back in the league for a matter of minutes and now you&#39;re all talking about how you deserve to take an established top 8 teams players against their will. This attitude is why I and many other fans up and down the country laughed when your self regarding club got relegated. As you may or may not know, your city only has one club, Liverpool has two, hence why Newcastle get bigger gates. If you want to talk about big clubs, then Everton have won the league 9 times compared to your 4.If Everton want Gosling to stay, he will, but at the moment he is injured and wouldn&#39;t get a sniff of our starting 11.You talk about Everton&#39;s best players leaving, Johnson and Lescott etc, but the truth is all our quality is still at the club.Thankyou in anticipation for the 6 points we will receive next season and good luck avoiding relegation.

Paddy: ⏱ 03/07/2010

playing for a time that will be relegated will not allow him to make a name for himself.People talk about Rodwell as a future England international because he has the talent to become one. They say the same about Wilshere at Arsenal. The fact is, both are young and need time to mature.As i see it, there aren&#39;t many 19 year olds starting week in week out in the Premier League

Brenb: ⏱ 03/07/2010

I suppose we could loan him for the season 2011/12 when Newcastle will be a championship side, as it will help his development playing in the lower reaches of that league.

Pauld_efc: ⏱ 03/07/2010

Lescott and Johnson have really flourished since they left Everton, haven&#39;t they softlad?<br><br>Oh, and Kevin Nolan will get his. Cunt.