Egidio Arévalo would be a perfect player for Newcastle United this season

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Arévalo - Been a rock for Uruguay during their World Cup adventure in SA

You may or may not have been watching Uruguay in the World Cup this year but if you have, you'll have noticed their midfielders, and this guy in particular. Egidio Arévalo is a ball winning centre midfielder, to put it mildly. In the games I've watched him, he's chased after players when they haven't had the ball and generally won the ball back, without committing too many fouls in the process. he operates just ahead of the back four but gets just inside his own half when Uruguay break with possession. Again, when the lose it, he battles back and with Perez alongside, they do a very very good job in midfield.

If you were to compare him to anyone that has played for Newcastle United in the last while, it'd be Nicky Butt as the most recent one anyway. I really like the look of this player and it's not just the shiny head! He's a player who works tirelessly and without complaints, doing the job that no one notices yet is crucial to any footballing side.

This is my opinion of course and there's extremely low chance we'd even consider him because of his age and whatnot but he's a player that I'd have at St.James’ if I was in charge at the minute. He'll more than likely make a move to a decent team after his performances at the World Cup and could well depart South Africa with the bronze medal in his pocket.

This season will be tough and there's no better place to kick-off our campaign than against a hungry Manchester United side looking to avenge for last seasons disappointment, both their displays against us, and indeed the way the league turned out in the end.We need players like Arévalo to make the difference and with a strong effort and the use of some of our very promising youth players, we can avoid the drop (and hopefully beat Sunderland in the process!).

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