Newcastle United submit £5m bid for Anthony Annan?

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Annan - Hughton has reportedly submitted a £5m bid for the Ghanaian

After browsing through Sky Sports transfer clock-watch, I stumbled upon a new enough update claiming that Newcastle United had bid £5m for Anthony Annan. The Ghanaian, who had a very good World Cup with the Africans is very much sought after, and whether this report has any accuracy or not remains to be seen. However, only a couple of days ago, Annan admitted that he would love to play in the Premier League, but only after reported interest from Chelsea and Manchester United.

I really cannot see Annan moving to Newcastle because there will be many bigger clubs after his services. Although, saying that, stranger things have happened, and United & Chelsea may well have no interest in him at all.

The positives to be taken from this, if it’s true, are that we have money to spend and a decent amount of it by the look of things. Secondly, we’re going after the right type of player. Young, energetic and good players 😀

We’d love a talent like Annan at Newcastle but I don’t envisage him arriving on Tyneside, unless he’ll be playing against us this season. That said, it makes for interesting reading, and the coming weeks will unravel, with hopefully a few more signings under our belts.

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Are: ⏱ 15/07/2010

Good player, by all means! BUT, I wouldn&#39;t want him in the squad. He is a "difficult" person and has a habit of turning to very unsporting behavior on the field. A potential harmony breaker. So, good player, but no thanks.<br><br>(Btw. I am from Norway and have watched him a lot)

David: ⏱ 15/07/2010

What - you do not know much about Annan if you think he is a good player. Check Wikipedia, in Norway he is reconed as the least sportsmanlike player in the whole league. The former president of Ghanas football acosiation is accusing him to be much older than he claims (if you ee recent pictures of him, you can see that he is over 30 - not 23...)

Hallvard: ⏱ 15/07/2010

I&#39;m Norwegian too, and cannot agree completely with Are. Anthony is a fantastic defensive asset to any side, but he has had some "fair play issues" that will probably need addressing. However, this season he has improved a lot, both in the way he has played and the way he has handled himself in heated situations on the pitch. He&#39;s been in the media for being "unsporting" several times this year, but really, it&#39;s nothing more than using what strengths he has to succeed in the game, since he is ridiculously short. <br>Should he sign for the Magpies, he certainly would be a great asset to the squad. Nothing gets by him, and he has single handedly stopped countless counterattacks for RBK the past two seasons. <br>Note that Anthony Annan is a defensive player throughout. He cannot shoot the ball, he is very rarely the man that sets off an attack or counterattack, I can&#39;t remember ever having seen him win a header.. <br>Would I love to see him in another black and white shirt than the Rosenborg one? YES!

Hallvard: ⏱ 15/07/2010

I really don&#39;t care what age he isnt, but 30, he&#39;s not. <br><br>"Biting, hitting and kicking" is new to me. Well, not the biting incident, but it was later laughed off by both the biter and the bitee, and as I said, Anthony has pulled himself together recently, probably aware that big clubs will be frowning on stupidity on the pitch.<br><br>Also, I think Rosenborg will aim to get more than £5m for him.

AnnanIsTheMan: ⏱ 15/07/2010

You have no ground to stand on criticising people when referring to and from Wikipedia.! Plonker.

Robby Bobson: ⏱ 15/07/2010

Had a great world cup, but hopefully this interest isnt from just that tournament. Many teams have fallen into the trap of players looking good against average players.

Mr Sarcastic: ⏱ 15/07/2010

I am sure this will happen like

Are: ⏱ 15/07/2010

I&#39;d like to say it again...this is surely not a guy that would fit in with our current squad. He would be bad for the whole team. But anyway, not likely at all. The rumor came from a random norwegian dude who had posted it on the rumor site on skysports, and then a journalist made a big deal of it. There has been nothing in Norwegian media linking him to Newcastle. <br><br>Hughton also said today that he expected two signings. A class striker, and a backup for Enrique. <br><br>In other words, no Annan.

dave trotter : ⏱ 16/07/2010

like all newly promoted clubs, Newcastle will only get the players more established clubs don&#39;t want . . . . thats the way of the world ! There is a pecking order, and like it or not, newcastle are WAY below the likes of Bolton, Wigan, Birmingham and (sorry to say this) Sunderland in that list.......newly promoted clubs only get the scraps the bigger and better teams throw them....FACT

Jarl Eirik Larsen: ⏱ 16/07/2010

You have never seen Annan win a header???????<br>His jumping and timing is pure gold.<br>Have even seen him beat Aarøy in the air