Dan Gosling on a free – Something Dennis Wise wouldn’t have managed

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Gosling - Officially a Newcastle United player since yesterday

The dislike of Dennis Wise for many Newcastle United fans stems from Kevin Keegan’s departure, James Milner’s move to Aston Villa, the signing of the Uruguayan Gonzalez, Xisco’s arrival on Tyneside and many other incidents at the club. He did spot Bassong and a few other promising young players but will never be warmly welcomed back to St.James’ Park if he arrives some time in the future. we passed down the chance to sign Bastian 

Schweinsteiger who reportedly was keen for a switch to Newcastle United, Wise again having something to do with this.

Yesterday we finally completed the signing of promising youngster Dan Gosling from Everton on a free transfer. Smart thinking from Chris helped us go in early on the midfielder and we managed, to sign him up, following a debacle with Everton over his contract at Goodison Park.

These were the type of opportunities we passed on when Dennis Wise held the role as Executive Director of Football at Newcastle during those dark days. Now however, Mike has seemed to have learned a lesson and kept to himself throughout the course of last season and this year so far. He couldn’t sell the club and inevitably chanced his arm by hoping on promotion last year.

We pretty much ghosted through the Coca Cola Championship and met Hull City on the way up, the club who in May 24th 2009, relied on us losing at Villa Park to stay up - funny how things iron out. Hull City will now play in the nPower Championship, so we’re pretty glad to get out of that division and let the Tigers battle their way through that desperately named Division 1.

Although we’ll be waiting a while for Gosling to play, we’re willing to wait and speak today, he said he’s very excited about the pospect of playing for the Toon, but won’t rush his return. He said :

“It would be stupid to rush back.”

“It has been a while now, but I just have to work hard and get back that way.”

“I’m delighted to be here – I feel I’ve moved to a massive club.”

When he does come back, we’d love to see him in the Tyne-Wear derby and hopefully score a stunning goal like he did for Everton in the FA Cup 4th Round a couple of years ago. 😀

Either way we’re happy with his signing and if Dennis Wise was still Executive Director at St.James’ Park, would we have Dan Gosling as our #15? - I’ll let you decide.

Comments welcome 🙂

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Anon: ⏱ 23/07/2010

To be fair, you have to feel for Plymouth more than Everton as it was their mistake regardless of how the agent and player manipulated the situation. Either way, for the sake of an extra 10k a week, he's screwed over the two clubs who've made him what he is today. You'd imagine he agent insisted on a low sell on fee too as and when Newcastle get relegated....another nice little earner!

Mick G: ⏱ 23/07/2010

Plymouth may have a case against Everton, itwas there mistake and I hope Plymouths lawyers are looking into it.

Allan Brough: ⏱ 23/07/2010

I'm looking forward to seeing him in action once he is fully fit.

Philk001: ⏱ 23/07/2010

The stench of scouser makem is strong with this anon !<br>Cheers for Gosling, matey.<br>My guess is that Everton will have no less relegation problems than we have.

Lualua17: ⏱ 23/07/2010

According to Bassong it wasn&#39;t Wise who spotted him it was Keegan.

Jcjsd44: ⏱ 23/07/2010

When Wise was around I doubt you would have signed someone like Gosling because you were looking UP at the top-6, not consolidating and attempting to survive a relegation threat. <br><br>What you have with Gosling is a decent low-level PL or good Championship player. You have no more, or less than that.<br><br>Some Newcastle fans need to wake up and stop making out like you&#39;ve pulled off a coup. You&#39;re paying this lad over the odds (25k a week) simply because he was free. He has never been rated highly by Evertonians, although he was celebrated for scoring that goal against Liverpool.<br><br>If all goes to plan at Newcastle, Gosling will be a squad player at best in a couple of seasons. If you get relegated again (which you probably won&#39;t), then he&#39;ll presumably push for a first team place, while picking up his 25k a week.<br><br>What upset Everton fans was losing him for nothing. Someone cocked up, and we lost a potential fee. Like you we&#39;re skint, and the £1.5-2m we might have got for him, would have made a difference.<br><br>But honestly, you&#39;re welcome to him.

Screacher: ⏱ 23/07/2010

@Jcjsd44<br>That all sounds very bitter and jealous. Nowt new there thenm for a &#39;scouse mackem.