Things are slotting into place nicely this Summer

Words by Kevin Doocey on .

Chris Hughton is working hard at trying to secure transfer targets

Hughton - Working hard at securing the transfer targets he wants for NUFC

Whilst Chris Hughton plugging away at transfer targets, the Toon fans can somewhat relax in the knowledge that they are indeed looking to sign players, and more importantly, have the money to do so. With James Perch, and yesterday, Dan Gosling now officially Newcastle United players we know that the work is going on behind the scenes very nicely, or so we like to think.

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toonsy: ⏱ 23/07/2010

Is it wise to promote gambling? And isn&#39;t it a rather tenuous link to attach an online casino to the fortunes of Newcastle United?<br><br>What&#39;s gannin on Doocey? :)

Dr Tom: ⏱ 23/07/2010

Did I just read an advert?

Doocey: ⏱ 23/07/2010

It&#39;s a pretty cathcy headline I&#39;ll admit :D<br>Small advert yes, happens every so often, to keep the site ticking over.

Mick G: ⏱ 23/07/2010

I think my eyes have just been had, or AD whatever the case maybe.

toonsy: ⏱ 23/07/2010

I was only messing Dooc, I had an idea what it was for :D

Doocey: ⏱ 23/07/2010

Good man. Could be worse, I could be promoting Sports Direct! :D

Philk001: ⏱ 23/07/2010

You just read LOTs of adverts.

TynesideTerrier: ⏱ 23/07/2010

These shameless plugs are ruining the integrity of this once great blog!