Newcastle United have cash offer for Ben Arfa rejected but talks continue

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Newcastle United’s interest in Hatem Ben Arfa has been well reported in the media in the last week or so, and today it’s said that we’ve had an initial bid rejected for the Frenchman from Marseille. The left-winger has found himself on the wrong side of his manager and the club are looking to let the lad go, on loan or perhaps for a fee. The French paper ‘La Provence’ has reported today that a bid from Newcastle United has indeed been rejected, but the French side have offered him again to Newcastle, for a bit more.

This, if believed, shows we are indeed serious about buying a winger, have the money to do so, and that we’re moving fast on our targets. If we did manage to get Ben Arfa, it would be a major coup for any newly promoted team, and he’s exactly what we need - a winger.

Newcastle is his preferred destination apparently but Hoffenheim are also in for the player, lauding him as a ‘magician’. If I heard of greasing a player up, that was it. Anyway, the main point being, we are indeed in for Ben Arfa, and it seems as if we want him permanently, not just on loan.

I’m sure reports will break out in the media over this in the next hour or so, but you know where you read it first 😉

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Southerntoon: ⏱ 03/08/2010

Where did you get this info?

toonsy: ⏱ 03/08/2010

I&#39;ll wait until it breaks before I report it :D<br><br>Other wise I&#39;ll get accused of stealing it from you ;)<br><br>(Not by you by the way lol)<br><br>;) ;) ;) ;)

Doocey: ⏱ 03/08/2010

No worries Toonsy ;)

Doocey: ⏱ 03/08/2010

From the local paper there. From my basic French I managed to understand the main points, then I just used Google Translate to confirm it for me :D

Slarth: ⏱ 03/08/2010

It&#39;s all over the French press

Allan Brough: ⏱ 03/08/2010

I hope someone checks him out on Youtube before he is signed.

toonsy: ⏱ 03/08/2010

Dennis is on the case lol

Southerntoon: ⏱ 03/08/2010

Of course we have scouts scoured across the globe in different countries all sat in an expensive hotel room watching youtube :p

toonsy: ⏱ 03/08/2010

I&#39;ve found it in the French press. Shocked is the word lol

Tartoon Army: ⏱ 03/08/2010

<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br><br>Sounds like his agent isn&#39;t too keen on him coming to the premier league...

Southerntoon: ⏱ 03/08/2010

And its making us sound pretty poor lol

Chris : ⏱ 03/08/2010

• BEN ARFA PRIVILEGIE NEWCASTLE : Hatem Ben Arfa a fait de Newcastle sa priorité. Plusieurs clubs italiens (Milan AC, Parme, Genoa) mais aussi allemands (Hoffenheim, Werder Brême) ont approché le milieu de terrain de l&#39;OM. Mais Ben Arfa privilégie un départ vers la Premier League

Danny10: ⏱ 03/08/2010

Yeah basically it says we&#39;ve had a bid rejected but they have submitted a counter offer, because HE wants to come here and nowhere else!<br><br>Good news like, hope we can pull it off! :)

Chris : ⏱ 03/08/2010

Et pourtant, rien ne bouge. Et pour cause; ces propositions sont systématiquement repoussées par Ben Arfa, qui donne sa priorité à Newcastle. Un choix qui divise au sein même de l&#39;entourage du joueur, où certains voient d&#39;un très mauvais oeil l&#39;entêtement de son conseiller vis-à-vis du promu en Premier League. "Newcastle, c&#39;est la plus mauvaise solution aussi bien pour Hatem, que pour l&#39;OM, peste un proche de l&#39;ancien lyonnais. Le championnat anglais, ce n&#39;est pas le meilleur endroit pour qu&#39;il puisse pleinement exprimer son talent, et le club ne peut même pas présenter les garanties bancaires pour son option d&#39;achat ! Je ne comprends pas où ils veulent en venir, c&#39;est du n&#39;importe quoi !" <br><br>L&#39;OM a en effet bien repoussé une première offre des Magpies, qui était loin de satisfaire le club marseillais. Mais face à la volonté affirmée de Ben Arfa et son proche entourage de rallier les bords du Tyne, la direction olympienne a formulé une contre-proposition au club anglais. Les deux parties trouveront-elles un terrain d&#39;entente? La réponse ne tardera pas à intervenir. D&#39;ici-là, Ben Arfa sera toujours olympien. Et le mercato marseillais, sans doute encore au point mort<br><br>Quick translation Ben arfa wants to come to newcastle BUT some people close to him do not believe that the premier league is the best place for him to show his skills and also the newcastle couldn&#39;t even give a bank guarantee to cover future we&#39;re not paying the full fee up front?

Southerntoon: ⏱ 03/08/2010

If we manage to pull this deal off I will be very, very happy. It&#39;ll give a little reminder to the Premier league fans calling Toon relegation fodder just what a big club we are

Ratfink: ⏱ 03/08/2010

Newcastle cant be in the Premier League without a huffy french winger.

Robby Bobson: ⏱ 03/08/2010

We should say ok we will pay your higher price....if you loan him out to us for like 10% of the fee, then pay the rest if we like what we see at the end of the season.

fr dogz: ⏱ 14/08/2010

believe me im french and saw him since 4 years playing .. he will make u forget about all the french players who's been in NUFC previously ... he will break some backs !