Hatem Ben Arfa arrives in Newcastle Airport – Set to sign?

Words by Kevin Doocey on .

Hatem Ben Arfa - Spotted in Newcastle Airport - signing soon?

Well the situation goes on! Even after Marseille president claiming Ben Arfa would be staying in France with L’OM, and even after Hughton admitted he didn’t know where the rumours of this supposed capture were coming from - Hatem Ben Arfa has been spotted in Newcastle Airport. Whether this is true, or just unbelievable Photoshoppin’, either way there’s questions still to be answered.

More to follow on this story, but credit to Talk Of The Tyne for this upload, and indeed an Indian reader named Mithun, who showed me.

Where does this story stop?! 😀

Comments welcome 🙂

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hairyeye: ⏱ 13/08/2010

lol!! it looks some one holding a mask of his face

Doocey: ⏱ 13/08/2010

Well that'd be a lot of effort to go to! :D

Graeme1st: ⏱ 13/08/2010

could be kieron dyer too !!!!!

Doocey: ⏱ 13/08/2010

Good point! :D

Alex: ⏱ 13/08/2010

hope he does join but proberly off to the makems no doubt

MoonSteve: ⏱ 13/08/2010

its not goin to be the mackems tho, is it? dont be so daft man

Toonruz: ⏱ 13/08/2010

ben arfa is suposed to be stoping at the pent house in st james park

Sonic_boom761: ⏱ 13/08/2010

Ben Arfa spotted at st james http://img810.imageshack.us/img810/7854/hatembenarfa.jpg

Jacob: ⏱ 14/08/2010

I agree, Id love to get this kid at St. James! I can't believe the season is here already!!! LETS GET IT ON BOYS!!!! http://www.yankscallitsoccer.com/