Should Newcastle United really be looking to sign Robbie Keane?

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Robbie Keane has been linked with a move to Newcastle United

Keane - Can you see him playing his football at St.James’ Park this season?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it and think Robbie Keane would be a very addition to the Newcastle United squad. However, what I want to know - is whether you, the Geordie fans think that the Irishman would be a good signing by Chris Hughton and his team? I mean, Keane is 30 years of age and arguably past his peak. He’ll look for high wages and for first team football . That’s all good and well, but does that fit into the current ‘transfer plan’ put in place by Mike Ashley? Keane isn’t under the age of 26, and will demand £45,000 a week at least, which is also beyond the supposed limit of £35,000 at Newcastle at the minute.

I’ve watched Keane since he first made his move to Tottenham. Believe it or not, he was extremely close to joining Sunderland before Spurs stepped in and stole him from them. He has been a consistent scorer wherever he has went and especially at Spurs. As an Irishman myself, I’ve witnessed Keane on the international stage for nearly 10 years.

He was the guy who helped us into the World Cup Finals in 2002 and was the man who scored than unforgettable last gasp equaliser against Germany in the group-stages, helping us progress to the last 16 without arguably our best player, if not the best midfielder in the world - Roy Keane.

What I can also tell you about Keane is that he tries to do things the hard way, and will scuff more chances then he’ll score. At least for Ireland, we should’ve been clear at the top of our qualification group for this years World Cup, only for us to lose points in places where Keane had the chances to give us all three. That may seem harsh, but if you’re from Ireland and have watched him too, you’ll find it hard to disagree.

Saying that, when he does hit form, he can be the finest striker in the land. In fact, Robbie Keane last season, scored four goals in one match in a five nil win over Burnley, quite a feat for someone who had just returned from being a total flop at Liverpool, a £16m flop mind, and I think he could score a few goals for the Magpies too.

That poses the question though. Where do Leon Best, Peter Lovenkrands, Shola Ameobi, Nile Ranger all fit in? I can only imagine Robbie Keane would start otherwise his loan move would be pretty pointless. Himself and Andy Carroll up front could be a very good pairing indeed, reminiscent of Niall Quinn and Keane back in 2002 - a method that proved so successful indeed.

Now, of course all this is pure speculation but growing speculation at that. Chris Hughton today said he had a good relationship with Keane from working at Tottenham, and didn’t rule out the possibility of him arriving. On the otherhand however, Redknapp said Keane is very much in his plans this season even with Defoe, Crouch, Pavlyuchenko and possibly even Luis Fabiano to contend with. if I’m being honest, I can’t see Robbie Keane playing for us this season, because if he did happen to leave Spurs, it’d only be on a permanent deal and I think it’s fair to say we won’t splash £7-9m on him, being 30 years-old and everything.

Anyway, I wouldn’t mind seeing him line out for us if a suitable deal could be a got, a loan deal, paying 30% of his wages and I certainly think he could offer Newcastle United a few goals. What do you guys think?

Comments always welcome 🙂

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Joe Hobkirk: ⏱ 27/08/2010

i think it would be a good move but he cant expect to be in the line up every week, i hope we bag santa-cruz

Jon: ⏱ 27/08/2010

30% of his vages is way optimistic. 70-80% would be more likely, I'd say, cause he can still play an important back-up role in Spurs. Hope we can make the deal, there's still plenty of football left in him. I've always been a fan of his skills, no matter what crappy club he's been in. I think he can do well in a 2-span with Carroll, or any other setup, as he's very adaptable and a teamplayer to boot, always giving 110% on the pitch. And of course, NUFC won't put £7-9 mill on the table for him, but I hope they can make the loan deal come through.

Doocey: ⏱ 27/08/2010

Yeah 60% + is likely but 30% ish would be my ideal. I just can't see it happening anyway!

Philk001: ⏱ 28/08/2010

For a season ? Yes, I'm all for that. He's proved he can do it in the Prem. Signing permanently not so sure. But for a season ? Can't really lose. Didn't pull up any trees for Celtic in the equivalent of a Division 1 / Championship amalgam, but worth the risk on loan.

Wiliemannix: ⏱ 28/08/2010

keano is ten times better than santa craz haha ireland played paraguay n keane played outstanding compared to santa cruz

SphinkHunter: ⏱ 28/08/2010

Keane would be a very good signing as he would take on-field pressure off of the young Caroll and enable both Shola and Lovenkrands to last out the season more effectively. A strong, but mature personality should be able to fit into change room atmosphere, too. A far better prospect than Ben Arfa, who may not settle and if not then certainly won't produce anything near what we would want to see on the pitch, either. The up side of Keane is known and the risk can be limited to a season long loan, but with Ben Arfa, the up side is questionable and the risk is very high, indeed.

Wonderhalls: ⏱ 28/08/2010

Keane is twice or morethe playerSanta Cruz is. Keane will be an awesome signing,good footballing brain,pacey and will play off Carroll like a dream. Not surewhere Nolan will fit into the fold as would play when fit - Krul, S Taylor Campbell Colo Enrique Jonas barton Tiote Ben Arfa Carroll Keane

Floundez: ⏱ 28/08/2010

I would take Keane in a blink, if he contributes and keeps us up he will have served the true need of our club that in turn will allow us to move on to a younger proven goalscorer who truly fits MA / CH new policy on recruitment

floundez: ⏱ 28/08/2010

Well done to the lads today im glad Joey Barton showed a level of Maturity and restraint for the majority of the game, 12 months ago I think he would have had a straight red and 3 match ban after 10 mins of the game!!