Joey Barton v Wolves – A sign of a changing player

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Barton's level of maturity is growing and showed that today against Wolves

I would like to highlight the word ‘changing’ in this article. We won’t forget the dark dark days that Joey Barton has put Newcastle United Football Club through since his £5.8m move from Manchester City and we won’t forget that he hasn’t half as much as he should have. Saying that, there’s strong evidence to suggest that he’s maturing as a footballer and as an individual. It’s also obvious that Wolverhampton Wanderers targeted Barton today, and hoped that he would retaliate - ending up in a sending off and inevitably, a Wolves victory.

That didn’t happen though and to be perfectly honest, Newcastle United deserved all three points today. Various chances, Nolan in particular who seems to enjoy his role as third striker had a couple decent chances but failed to hit the back of the net. Saying that, we were very fortunate to have not given away a penalty, with James Perch clearly bringing down Matt Jarvis in the box.

Back to Barton though - Alan Shearer counted a total of seven tough tackles on him in the match, many of which came from Karl Henry, some fairer than others. The best thing about it all was the fact Barton kept his head in all those tackles and just keep plugging away at his job in centre mid.

It was quite ironic that Barton was the source of Newcastle United’s goal, and Andy Carroll’s fourth of the season. A delightful ball, met by a truly brilliant header to bring us back into the game. In fact, you have to admit, Carroll was excellent today in the air at the very least. He was even carrying a slight knock too.

As for his replacement Shola Ameobi, he had an effort quite literally about 20 seconds after he came on the pitch scrambled off this line, what an entrance that would have been - reminiscent of Michael Chopra v Sunderland those many years ago.

Overall, a draw was probably a fair result but we could’ve snatched a victory there on another day. However, with that said, a point away from home is a good result and they all add up. 4 points from a possible 9 is a good start considering we’ve had two away games in that - including our debut away to the potential champions of this league, Manchester United.

As for Barton, you can’t be anything but pleased by both his performances and the way he has conducted himself so far this season. Remember though, there’s 38 games in a season, and we’ve only played three so far. Tougher tasks lie ahead, and no doubt for Barton, he’ll meet more midfielders that will go out to make life a constant struggle for him.

There’s strong reports that Robbie Keane will be the next face through the door at St.James’ and if we did indeed get the Irishman, we’ll have had an excellent transfer period. Developments on this, and many more rumours are sure to come this week as this transfer window soon slams firmly shut.

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stoshdish2k10: ⏱ 29/08/2010

fuckin love joey b. legend.

Hayabusa brother: ⏱ 29/08/2010

My whole problem is my lips move when I think.

Kay: ⏱ 29/08/2010

Stop looking for excuses to cloud your disappointment. It's a well known fact that Toon fans are among the most arrogant in the country. After that 6-0 drubbing last week you all expected to saunter into Molineux and take 3 points out of the midlands again. Because you didn't, you find it easier to say that we 'targeted' Joey Barton. Get a grip and pull your head out your arse - yesterday was a classic display of the 'Joey Barton Protection Scheme' - so much as breath on him and you'll be booked. Oh, by the way, were you getting a pie when Jarvis was brought down in the box for what should have been a stonewall penalty? Swings and roundabouts.

Doocey: ⏱ 29/08/2010

You might want to read the article fully before you comment. I said Matt Jarvis should have had a penalty, clearly and not one Newcastle United fan said we were going to win it for definite yesterday. Although we should have in all fairness, we had all the chances worth talking about. Regards Barton, it's so obvious you targeted Barton and tried to get him to react, it didn't work though did it? No, and he ended up plugging away at his job in centre-mid and inevitably was a major factor in our much deserved equaliser. I'll agree with you regards the arrogance statement - there are a small proportion of Toon fans that think they should be in the Champions League & Europe but I'd like to emphasise the word "proportion", as they're in minority. If you ask any sane Newcastle fan, they'll take 17th spot right here right now. Back to Barton for one sec, maybe I missed it, but I think there was only one yellow card issued for tackles on him? Anyway, make sure you read an article fully before commenting in such a brute fashion, all in all, you know Wolves were lucky to have got a point out of that game.

Paddy: ⏱ 29/08/2010

ha ha ha,,, haa ha ha. what colour is the sky in your world? you can only dream of having fans as passionate as geordies and all toon fans globally. as for your other comments ....well, the level of your football knowledge is plain to see ....REMEDIAL

Jacob: ⏱ 30/08/2010

Just because you show us a hot pic of yourself does not mean you know what your talking about. From your comments you obviously don't. Read the whole article or watch the highlights before you speak. Hotness doesn't equal brains.....not always.

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