Ricky van Wolfswinkel linked with Newcastle United last minute switch

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Ricky van Wolfswinkel has been linked with a switch to Newcastle United

What a name, what a name. Ricky van Wolfswinkel has today been linked with a move to Newcastle United just before the window slams shut for this summer. The Daily Mail have an article about it, but there’s discussion in volumes throughout Dutch forums about his proposed move to Newcastle and it seems as if the Utrecht fans expect him to leave for St.James’ in the next day or so. The only time I’ve seen this guy play is when he destroyed Celtic with a hat-trick and I was very impressed by his finishing and overall play.

However, these are rumours and they’ll come in their droves in the next couple of days. Robbie Keane is still on our radar according to sources and he is the likely candidate to wear the Black & white of Newcastle United this summer on loan.

If we did manage to sign Ricky van Wolfswinkel then it’d be a coup, in fact, another coup after we managed to get Hatem Ben Arfa. I don’t know a shed-load on this player or what he’s about, but any Utrecht or Dutch fans are welcome to give us an insight on the forward.

The 22 year-old was linked with a £7m move to Liverpool not too long ago which I vaguely remember so what we’d have to cough up is really questionable. That’s what makes this rumour exactly that.

Either way, it’s news, and we here at Tyne Time have promised to keep you updated with the latest happenings all Newcastle United. For quick messaged updates, please follow our twitter @TyneTime or http://www.twitter.com/tynetime.

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Toontastico: ⏱ 29/08/2010

This lads actually supposed to be very handy and promising, follow the Eredivisie a bit on telly and he looks good to me - a return of 16 goals in 38 games aint bad at all for a lad of 21. Could cost a bit tho..

Utreg: ⏱ 29/08/2010

Utrecht fan over here... We'd be gutted if you take him off our hands. He's one of the most talented forwards over here and has the right mentality. I do think he's a little lightweight for the EPL though. He'd need to buff up and will only be showing you what he's capable of later in the season. The Utrecht owner is a selfmade millionaire with a will of his own though. He doesn't need the money. Only if the player wants to leave himself will he be allowed too. This being the first season he's really the undisputed #1 forward, I doubt whether he'll deem himself ready and willing.

Pearceet: ⏱ 29/08/2010

Another Young promising forward........ I'm sorry but I cant see this happenning

Rp_m45: ⏱ 29/08/2010


Philk001: ⏱ 29/08/2010

I prefer this feller to the aging Keane. One link on the net saying Keane would prefer Newcastle where he would be "guaranteed" first team football rather than Villa - eh ? NOBODY should be "guaranteed" anything. Least of all a feller at the twilight of his career. I like Keane. But would prefer an up and coming FAST and YOUNG prospect.

Philk001: ⏱ 29/08/2010

Good post, and understand your reasonings and feelings on the lad. I think we all get this when big bucks talk and get in the way of a players loyalty. Still I hope we do take him off your hands, but have huge sympathy for you all the same.

Philk001: ⏱ 29/08/2010

A lot of us said the same thing about young Ben Arfa too. Me included. Yet he's here, signed sealed and delivered. Credit to Chrissy H.

Doocey: ⏱ 29/08/2010

Typo - Cheers :)

Ricky Fan: ⏱ 29/08/2010

absolutely phenomenal player! would be a brilliant signing for Newcastle. has a lot of potential and could be the next Van Nistelrooy without a doubt

Paddy: ⏱ 29/08/2010

this is typical toon, loads of rumours and next no time left to sign them, come the final minute of the transfer window, Chris H will probably find he.s his best players sold withoot his knowledge. this current regime has not got a lot of respect for the management and the fans

Utreg: ⏱ 29/08/2010

Of course it's a big step up for the player, so no hard feelings if this deal goes through. I'd be glad to see him go to a club with a grand tradition and great supporters tbh. We won't be able to hang onto him in the long run anyway unfortunately. And if you really want to rip our hearts out: have a look at Dries Mertens. Easily one of the best players in the Eredivisie, young, and improving each week...

Doocey: ⏱ 30/08/2010

Yeah, but I've been pleased with the transfers so far, and the efficiency in which they've been conducted. Most Toon fans will agree :-)

Jacob: ⏱ 30/08/2010

I want him in the black and white for his name alone!!!!