If Chris Hughton isn’t offered a nice new contract by Newcastle, there’ll be war

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Hughton - Looking for a respectable deal from Newcastle United

Hughton - Has done a fantastic job since taking over a sinking ship

What can we say about this man? Bringing a relegated club back up to the Premier League straight away, with a record number of points, buying for pennies, some seriously talented footballers, going to Stamford Bridge in the Cup and scoring 4 goals, including an injury time winner in one of the most memorable cup games of the decade, giving us a 5-1 thrashing of our bitter rivals Sunderland to celebrate about, and on Sunday last, bringing us to the Emirates Stadium where we beat Arsenal 0-1 thanks to an Andy Carroll header, courtesy of a much practiced tactic. What he has done, is simply incredible, even if we were to scrape relegation by the skin of our teeth this season.

He brings about a certain glow of hope, a sense of confidence, a likability, yet humility, all from a small man on the sideline. As I've said before, and I'll say it again, he's a type of manager that we haven't had in a long time, and I mean that. If I was Mike Ashley, I would have slapped in front of Chris, a £35,000 a week deal for the next three years, after the 5-1 hammering of Sunderland (I love saying that!). It really is a no brainer, yet the hierarchy of this club seem to want to keep Chris on a League 1 manager's salary, even amidst all the high earners in clubs worse off than us.

I fear for us more than Chris because really, Hughton can walk into any top Championship, or even decent Premier League side at the minute. All he's looking for, if reports are correct, is a slight increase in his wages, which to be perfectly honest, is the least he deserves considering the job he's done since taking over back in those dark dark days.

if Ashley and co. are truly ignorant and fail to up their offer, then, as the headline suggests, there will be true outrage and maybe the worst yet. However, we don't think that Mike and his crew are that foolish (We're optimistic!) after all, he has made hundreds of millions so far, and has made his money.

It's as simple as handing Chris a nice looking contract, no bank breaker, because we know the manager isn't demanding outrageous wages. Give him what he wants for a change, and let Chris continue doing the fantastic job he has begun at St.James’ Park.

It's really ridiculous that rumours of Chris being sacked even existed after the defeat to Arsenal in the Cup, but tabloids being tabloids will make stories interesting to sell papers, as I've said many times before.

All us Newcastle United fans want, is for Chris to stay as manager, and to keep doing the brilliant job he is in the middle of.

We're in a joyous mood, like nothing in the last 10 years, we'd like to stay that way, and keeping Chris Hughton tied down, in my opinion, is the key to this success. Let's not gamble with the risk of losing Chris.

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