Sacking Chris Hughton would be the worst decision made by NUFC since Sir Bobby’s dismissal

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Hughton - William Hill have suspended betting on his dismissal this afternoon

First things first - surely this cannot be right? Chris Hughton, the man who brought Newcastle United from the Championship back up to the Premier League with a record number of points, was responsible for the 5-1 thrashing of our rivals this season, our fantastic display against Chelsea in the Cup with a 4-3 win at Stamford Bridge, and the man who guided NUFC to a precious 1-0 away win at the Emirates to Arsenal. The reports over his possible dismissal have lingered about  since Newcastle went straight back up the the Premier League, but any talk of Chris being sack, is and absolute crime.

William Hill have today suspended betting on Chris to be sacked, which is never a good sign whilst SkyBet have him at 1.50 to be the next boss out the door. This is scary stuff. Not because it could actually happen, moreso because there's no reason in the world why Hughton should be given the boot.

I've reiterated time and time again how good a job the former Irish International has done, but if reports are true, Mike Ashley is blind and cannot see this. Not only did he guide NUFC to the best league in the world at first attempt, but he also increased the value of Mike's asset by a considerable amount. Why on earth would the hierarchy be even considering dismissing the man?

Let's not jump the gun here either though, Chris could very well be close to signing a new extension, which I certainly hope he does.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - there's absolutely no reason why Chris Hughton should be sacked.

You look at West Ham, lingering at the bottom, pretty hopeless at the minute, yet, the board are giving Avram time to sort things out, which I still think he might be able to do. Same with Wigan, they haven't sacked Martinez after some dismal performance which see them rooted in the bottom three.

However, we're 11th in the table and if the media are correct, Chris Hughton could be looking for a new club to manage in the very very near future.

I just certainly hope none of this is true, but if there is anything I have learned about Mike Ashley, he never fails to amuse, even though he seemed to have become a much better owner in the last 18 months or so.

Here's hoping for Chris, and for us the fans, who actually want Chris Hughton to stay at the club more than anyone else at Newcastle United FC.

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