Andy Carroll reiterates NUFC loyalty – How hard is it to believe?

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Carroll - Wants to move on and continuing play with Newcastle United

Andy Carroll has said he wants to stay with Newcastle United and isn't seeking a move away from St.James’ Park at least four times this season already, but the media still persist with the same question. I'm surprised Carroll hasn't lost his temper in these interviews, because I know I would if I had answered a question umpteen times yet still got asked the exact same thing a few weeks later.

Born and raised in Newcastle, you can see why the lad would want to stay. Playing out his boyhood dream of playing for his local club, playing against some of the best players in the world in the best league in the world, and indeed scoring goals on the big stage. Of course he could leave, and would be snapped up in a heartbeat, for a good £15m at least.

It's only early days yet of course, but I think it's fair to say that NUFC have unearthed a Premier League class old style CF, which are a rare breed nowadays. The way Andy plays, there's nothing really fancy but he scores goals. He's not a bad header of the ball either!

10 goals this season so far, quite impressive from Andy, and especially considering he's part of a newly promoted team.

Speaking today, again, Carroll said :

“I’ve always worked towards being where I am now and want to stay here – it’s as simple as that.”

Then, he gave a shout out to Chrissy.

“Chris has been absolutely fantastic with me. All I can say is that I appreciate everything that he has done for me.”

“He’s helped me become the player I am now.”

“He’s gone now, and I just need to keep working on what he’s taught me, and with the new manager, I’ve got to listen to him.”

I think it's fair to say we'd all like to see Andy Carroll lining out for the rest of his career and by the messages he's been sending to the media, there's a chance that might actually happen, his words, not mine! However, as football goes, players move around, experience different environments, climates, types of football etc. I'm sure the time will come when Andy will say to himself that he'd like to try his hand at another league, but hopefully, only when he'd 34. 😀

Alan Shearer never looked back after joining Newcastle United and refused moves to Manchester United twice, something that Sir Alex Ferguson wasn't happy about one bit! People say that Andy wants to follow in Shearer's footsteps, and if he does, then he is in for a good future on Tyneside.

Only time can tell though I suppose?

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