Newcastle United should venture in for Jô with Edin Džeko set for January move

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Manchester City's Jô

#### Jô - Would be an extremely good addition to Newcastle United this January

It is very likely that Edin Džeko will join Manchester City this January in a €35m move come January as VfL Wolfsburg have lowered their asking initial asking price. Another ridiculous fee to pay for a striker who I can only guess would be delighted to join the club for its wages. Don’t get me wrong, Edin is a fine talent and will score a lot of goals given the chance, but he isn’t worth any more than £17m in all honesty. However, we needn’t worry about all this commotion because surprisingly, it could spell some good news for Newcastle United as a club.

Firstly the arrival of Džeko will hopefully and more than likely end Manchester City’s interest in our prized asset Andy Carroll. Mancini no doubt carried some interest in the commanding CF and it’s more than known that if City had indeed failed with their final bid of around €35m for Džeko, then Andy Carroll was next on their list.

Secondly, the arrival of yet another striker means that the likes of ‘fringe’ players such as Emmanuel Adebayor, Craig Bellamy, Roque Santa Cruz, Felipe Caicedo and indeed Jô. In all fairness, I think any of those strikers would come very close to definite starters up front for any other team in the Premier League. Adebayor cost somewhere in the region of £25m, Jô around £18m, Santa Cruz £16m + and Bellamy a meagre £11m.

This is a just a slight example of how Manchester City have shamed the world of football by splashing out needless millions on overrated players, and I haven’t even began to mention any midfielders, defenders, keepers, with many more of them primed for an exit at Eastlands.

With that all said and done, one of the available players this January must surely be the Brazilian Jô. The 23 year-old striker arrived for nothing short of £18m and has played nothing short of 18 games for the club. £1m a game - seems a good deal indeed, mind you he has even scored a goal or two as icing on the cake.

Now why on earth do i think he would be a good addition to Newcastle United? There are many reasons, and to sum it up - he hasn’t showed his real potential at Manchester City, or rather has not been given a chance to do so.

The lad can finish, and can head the ball well as you would expect for someone over 6 ft tall. On loan at Everton last season, he showed what he could do and grabbed something in the region of 5 goals for the club in a small amount of appearances.

Alongside Andy Carroll it could well be a lethal combination, and as much as I know we need someone pacy, light and that can finish Jô could compliment Carroll quite well. I cannot speak for the lad himself or tell you exactly how good he would be on Tyneside but I would be more than willing to give him a chance, and I’d be confident he would bang a few goals in.

I think he would leave for NUFC, on loan anyway. His realistic value now is about £5 or £6m but I wouldn’t splash that out on him. If we could get him on loan with an option to buy at the end of the season if we wanted to, for £5m then I think it could work out quite well. Just like the Ben Arfa deal, but not committing too much too soon.

It’ll probably never happen, but if I was manager I would certainly make an enquiry for him, and maybe even a loan move for Shaun Wright-Phillips too.

Feel free to voice who you think Newcastle United should sign this January, if we manage to sign anyone at all!

Comments welcome 🙂

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tublu: ⏱ 29/12/2010

"Manchester City have shamed the world of football by splashing out needless millions" - what a cnut. If you want 'shaming the world of football' have a look closer to home you d1ckhead.

Benarfurs leg: ⏱ 29/12/2010

good finisher and can head the ball,what dickhead feels he knows enough about football to write his own blog but comes up with this amazing summary,its enough to shame the world,fkucing geordie clown

Wrmancity: ⏱ 29/12/2010

Why the pointless digs at us? Why so bitter? If, as it was rumoured, ADUG were looking at NUFC as well as City would you be so critical had they chosen the Toon? As for spending millions on overpriced players, Jean-Alain Boumsong anyone? Albert Luque? Don't be such a fucking hypocrite in future please mate, and leve the bitterness to the rags.

Anyone: ⏱ 29/12/2010

LOL you want Jo???? He cost £18m with a whole host of add ons none of which we have achieved. Offer £6m and I'll drive him up to the toon!

Laughing Blue: ⏱ 29/12/2010

Utter tripe Caiceido and Jo would not walk into other premiership teams Santa Cruz cannot even walk If you cannot afford players don't expect handouts, leave the premiership to Sunderland Why are City stupid enough to loan you a player, if he is crap you send him back, if he is good you get a bargain? Get real! The reason City spend so much is because clubs ask unrealistic prices so that is the reason, greedy clubs like Newcastle trying to cash in because of City's money Losing millions on players is no big deal, it is small change to Sheikh Mansour However, we won't waste it on the likes of potential such as Andy Carroll who is not even an England regular You are what City used to be, a laughing stock with fans like you who know nothing about football or have a clue what is going on at Eastlands

Test: ⏱ 29/12/2010

You insult our club then want a handout ? I thought your much loved owner wasn`t a skint member and could actually afford to buy players,not like our Salford neighbours who could only loan Tevez. How do you value a player then? Ronaldo £80m,Kaka £60m,Ibramovich £40m +Eto`o=£70m you broke the world record for Shearer and he is a legend up your way

Ginola5-0: ⏱ 29/12/2010

R u lot fckin disillusioned? Man $hity hve wasted millions upon millions on players dat dey dont even use. as for £17m on shearer, we loved him because he was one of the ebst ever english strikers and repaid our £17m investment, has jo, or santa cruuz, or even bellamy dont that? think befre u write and pointeless commnts.

Toony Montana: ⏱ 29/12/2010

Ha ha did this show up on Newsnow MCFC?

Doocey: ⏱ 29/12/2010

To be fair, I'm not bitter towards Manchester City at all, just pointing out their extravagant spending, which has been needless, wasteful and outright disgraceful. We have wasted money in our years yes, but those days are gone, and it was nothing to the extent of the current City setup. Why buy a player for £18m and don't give the lad a chance? Or Adebayor for £25m and he isn't given a kick. There's no defending the ruthless and pointless spending of Manchester City, simple as. However, if you had read the article, which I hope you had, you would see that I'm talking about Jo coming to Newcastle United, not dedicating the whole article to City's financial expenditure. One final thing, anything I have happened to mention about City, pretty much all fact eh?

SR: ⏱ 29/12/2010

He plays in our Europa League team and does a good job in it, he's not available to you. Go sniff elsewhere. As for us being a disgrace..... thats a label for you lot and you can add delusional, you don't really know what others think of you as you come from the middle of nowhere. We may come in for Carroll at the end of your 'adventure'.

Wrmancity: ⏱ 29/12/2010

No mate, it's not fact. Stating we have "shamed" the world of football is an opinion. Look at it like this. Did you lot flinch from spending big on players and wages (relative to the time) when you were regularly up at the top of the table. A time, incidentally, when we were plowing the furrow of lower league football. No-one cared about leading prem clubs paying big money then. What is happening at City is the culmination of the commercialisation of the Premier League, of which NUFC has been an integral part from day one. Jo not had a chance? Do you bother to do any research at all? He's been in and around the squad all season. Hughes fucked him off to scouse2 and Galatasaray because he was a complete waster when he first arrived - examples include going out on the piss when he had missed training due to a "sore throat". As for wasting money - we are level on points with the league leaders. Some waste that is.

Davemcnik: ⏱ 29/12/2010

teams have paying over the odds for players for years! why are city shaming football? we all know sheikh mansour wanted to buy out newcastle originally but ashley turned them down!! you mags are such hypocrites!! ctid

tublu: ⏱ 29/12/2010

dat dey ? wot a wnkr. shearer "repaid our £17m investment" please enlighten me (pls tl me, if you prefer) HOW ?

tublu: ⏱ 29/12/2010

certainly did toony. your lot are getting a bit of a rep for whinging down here in the 'midlands'....

Uknobs: ⏱ 29/12/2010

"u mags"? m8 its like a few magpies tht are quotin their opinions and christ all of u stop arguin about whos the hypocrites and whos not cos as far as i can see you are ALL telling the fuckin truth!!

Antoniosmithio: ⏱ 29/12/2010

This is tripe. Man City wouldn't let him go for that and he'd want wages we wouldn't pay. I used to admire Man City and always thought of them as a similar club to NUFC (badly run, sleeping giant with a working class fan base), but they have turned into another club that everyone despises because of the money the new owners have thrown at it. NUFC has it's problems, but I hope we never get a super rich owner where money is no object as it just sucks the heart and soul out of the club and doesn't always produce results as was proven with Michael Owen and the numerous other duds that were bought by our last bank-loan happy director. While I'm here, if you divide England in South, Middle and North, Manchester in in the Middle, not the North!

Steve: ⏱ 29/12/2010

Stop digging. You are talking total rubbish, you're embarrassing yourself. Stop it!!! Don't really want to dignify your diatribe with a debate but you're forgetting one thing....all the surplus players you've mentioned were not signed by Mancini. How many managers have wanted to sign their own players and build their own team? I don't think i need to remind you what Kevin "the Messiah" Keegan did at your club not that long ago do i? Jog your memory!? er... bought a lot of his own players at great expense to try to bring success to NUFC. Pot & Kettle again perhaps? Mmmmm, now will you shut up? CTID!!!!

Cityianbren: ⏱ 29/12/2010

you wish you had our money you jealous dog, remember we have lived under a red shadow for years and now we are emerging from that,sorry to say but you have never been in the shadow of sunderland,the way people talk about the money city have spent you wouldnt think anyone had done is before,chelsea ,the scum,leeds they have all done it,sir arsehole has wasted millions at old crappord,think of veron, forlan and anderton,also ferdinand who at £31 millon was a joke. so before you start calling my club ,think,i would rather have our boy and all his riches than that idiot you have got,jesus chris hughton did not deserve him,and as for sucking the heart and soul out of our club, as a season ticket holder for many years,i can tell you the feeling and atmosphere at the ground has never been as good. i have always had a soft spot for nufc but idiotic comments spoil that

Doocey: ⏱ 29/12/2010

Digging? Is that what you call my observations on the goings on at Manchester City? I'm not the only one of this opinion, and there's a reason for it. All of you City fans are willing to defend the outrageous spending? £290,000 a week on Yaya Torres, £286,000 on Tevez, millions <strong>wasted</strong>, and there's no debating that. Spending millions will only bring you so far, you need a team spirit to achieve trophies, and I'm not talking about Newcastle United, but the likes of Manchester United's, Tottenham's etc. Throwing millions at players won't win you the league either, and as 'on top of the table' we'll see what the scenario is come the end of the season shall we? As for Keegan, sure he did, but did he use most of the players he brought in? I think so. Did we nearly win the league two years in a row? Looks like we did. We didn't splash anywhere in the region of Manchester City though, and as for the poster about Alan Shearer and £17m and all that, Shearer was a legend, one of England's greatest ever strikers - and certainly justified his £17m price tag. We didn't win the league no, as you know, The Red Side Of Manchester snatched it. <strong>Antoniosmithio</strong> sums it up perfectly. I'd much rather to avoid rich owners, even though I know many Toon fans would love huge investment in foreign talents. Do we really want a club with a bunch of players solely there for the money? Anyway, agree to disagree then. Good luck to both of us for the remainder of the season.

GeordieGeorge: ⏱ 29/12/2010

To all you Citeah boys here I'm going to tell from the heart of a true football fan that your club is indeed a black spot on the once great spectacle that was the EPL.Your lavish spending has both annoyed me and made me chuckle.The money your arab goons have been splashing about is outrageous,but I also saw the funny side of this when we battered you off the pitch the other evening,even though your transfer budget dwarfs ours!.YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO ENGLISH FOOTBALL!Don't believe me?just check out how your neighbors up the road run their club,because no matter who comes in January you will still be behind them come the end of May.Newcastle til I die!

Davemcnik: ⏱ 30/12/2010

didnt beat us though did you? plank

Picklebrainmark: ⏱ 30/12/2010

you sad git , why are you so jealous you want to get a life mate , and does every other club think there goin to get some city players on loan , get real sados .

toonsy: ⏱ 01/01/2011

Go get em Doocey ;) ⏱ 02/01/2011