Clint Dempsey is a player Newcastle United should be looking at this summer

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Clint Dempsey salutes the crowd after scoring his 10th goal for Fulham

Dempsey - A brilliant player that has scored over 10 goals this season

I have been watching Clint Dempsey for a few years now and he continues to impress me. His flair, vision and ability to score goals is something that a lot of people have not recognised, and he has not got half enough praise for his endeavours for both his country, and for Fulham over the years. He would be right up my list of players to sign this summer although I’m sure Alan Pardew’s wishlist would differ quite a bit from mine! Considered an attacking midfielder/ striker or winger; Dempsey has notched up 12 goals this season, similar to our own Kevin Nolan, and has had a hand in plenty of Fulham’s others. He would be a great signing for the club in my opinion but whether he would want to line out in St.James’ Park is a very different matter.

Many Newcastle United fans will be hoping to make contact with the likes of Lille over Gervinho, Sow and even Eden Hazard, but I’m afraid we shouldn’t be setting our hopes that high. Hazard is off to a big European team whilst Sow will have many suitors at this disposal. As for Gervinho, I get the sneaky feeling he might actually join us, although time can only tell.

Regards Dempsey; I think Mark Hughes has to be complimented on the huge strides he has made with his Fulham team. They lay 9th in the table and have a huge future under the Welshman. It’s always good to see managers like Hughes and even Roy Hodgson, that have been sacked by the ‘bigger’ clubs because they are not considered good enough, show their real ability with other teams.

Fulham are not a side you want to be playing at the minute, Owen Coyle will tell you that.

I would be a very happy man if Pardew looked at Dempsey and held talks as to what he would hope to achieve at St.James’ Park, and you never know, the American might like the idea of playing in front of 50,000 people.

Of course if Pardew is feeling really generous, he might even pick up Moussa Dembele from them as well, both for £15m? 😀

Dembele is a star in the making, in my opinion at least and we can expect big things from him next season, if he remains at Fulham that is.

Do you think Clint Dempsey would be a good addition to the squad, if we had the chance to sign him up?

Comments welcome 🙂

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Alex L: ⏱ 02/05/2011

Hi, Fulham fan here. Clint is a great player, who amazingly is still not rated by some Fulham fans. Player of the season to be sure. Nice to see him getting some recognition from other fans! I think there may be some wishful thinking on your part though as I doubt Clint would move up to Newcastle, not because you are not a good team, more that his next aims are to play champions league football. If he leaves us down at Fulham, he will be off to a team who regularly play in the CL. Nice blog though, have a good rest of season!

Doocey: ⏱ 02/05/2011

Haha yeah you're right. He's surely destined for the Champions League at some stage. Cheers, and best of luck next season to Fulham too!

Aidan Dunphy: ⏱ 02/05/2011

A good pro and a consistent performer, wouldn't mind seeing him in our squad. However to be honest it's not this type of player we're lacking at the moment: we're completely toothless since Andy Carroll left and can't rely on midfielders like Nolan to keep us up next year. We've absolutely got to get at least one out-and-out centre forward for next year, to play alongside supporting forwards such as Ameobi/Best/Ranger.

TheBESTRANGER: ⏱ 02/05/2011

Eden Hazard!?!?your having a laugh right!

Chrisoverwood: ⏱ 02/05/2011

Hi, why would clint Dempsey or moussa dembele want to play Newcastle when fulham have a back door to europe. Another fulham fan

Doocey: ⏱ 02/05/2011

I never said they would, but they are the types of players I would like NUFC to be looking at, of similar caliber. If Fulham get Europe they'll have done really well!

Doocey: ⏱ 02/05/2011

I'm afraid some people have asked that Pardew go for him, even with the fact there's no chance of him coming!

Chrisoverwood: ⏱ 02/05/2011

You should get Emre back in the premier league

Lualua17: ⏱ 03/05/2011

Like who?

Andrew: ⏱ 03/05/2011

Like some others have said, he probably will leave us at some point (hopefully not this summer!) but I'd think it would be for a Champions League club and Dembele is an exciting prospect which I'm hoping we can hold onto this summer (I think Tottenham came calling in January)

The Earl of Fulham: ⏱ 03/05/2011

Interesting comments but I'm afraid that NUFC are far too small a club these days, to attract the likes of Clint Dempsey from Fulham.... you don't shop at Harrod's when you only have Primark size pockets..... I also note that you consider that it's desirable that NUFC ( being a far bigger club??? Now there's a can of worms to open a debate on! ), would be an attractive proposition, for any player of a half decent calibre, let alone some one as good as The Deuce! Why would you think any player good or not so good, would give up the privilege and beauty of playing at Craven Cottage? Why would they swap this paradise, for some industrial waste site in Newcastle. A place where the home fans are treated like crap ( does the seats for life 'debacle', ring any bells? ) and away fans, are treated even worse and herded in to the top corner of a cess pit, like so much cattle... As for Mark Hughes doing a good job,(?) for my part the jury is still out on that one, he inherited a side that got to the Europa Cup Final, just one short year ago. We should have kicked on and done much better this season. Okay the injury problems, suffered as a result of some piss poor refereeing and industrial thuggery from the likes of Wolves/Stoke/Bolton/Blackburn have been a factor! But, the failure of MH, to buy/loan a suitable forward/attacking player(s), in the January transfer window was so short sighted as to be negligent, in the extreme... Perhaps, one fine day, you will re-enter the realms of sanity ( after you have acquired a new owner! ) and get a reality check on your real place in the football world. At least our owner is only a Swiss/Egyptian 'eccentric', in the true English tradition of eccentrics... don,;t get me started on the new waxwork, of a weird American that has appeared at our traditional ground... that is a statue to far! Enjoy the rest of your season and a better future, strictly not to the detriment of London's oldest and finest football club....

guest: ⏱ 03/05/2011

London's finest? I think i know who needs the reality check. All true Toon fans no excactly where we stand believe me.We are a mid table side with an owner who has no intrest in the fans or the history of our beloved club.I have a lot of time for clubs like fulham and think what they achieve year in year out on small attendances and tight budgets has to be admired.As for Geordies told believe the press bull about us thinking we are a big club with a devine right to win something, we don't.All we want is to see a team that plays with some passion and god forbid maybe challanges for a cup once in a while,not alot to ask surely?

BC: ⏱ 03/05/2011

Hi, Fulham fan here, in peace. Have always had a soft spot for Toon and have enjoyed my trips to Newcastle. But, don't you think you're being a little arrogant! Yes, Newcastle's gates dwarf Fulham's, but can't think of any reasons why Dempsey (or Dembele for that matter) would want to leave Fulham for Newcastle! They're currently playing for a much more accomplished team and manager...