John Carew would be a worthwhile signing for Newcastle United

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John Carew celebrates after scoring for Aston Villa

Carew - Released by Aston Villa today after completing loan spell at Stoke City

I have always been a fan of John Carew and was quite disappointed to see him go to Villa first, especially as a swap deal for Milan Baros. His first season with Villa saw him produce 3 goals in 11 appearances, his first happened to come against us when we beat them 3-1. A strong, combative CF is what Carew brings to the plate. He is awkward for defenders and he is something we could do with, since Andy Carroll’s departure in January. Today Aston Villa Official Website confirmed that Carew, alongside Nigel Reo-Coker, Robert Pires and a bunch of other youth players had been released. There will be no shortage for either of Reo-Coker or Carew as both are proven players. Earlier this season we were linked with a move for Nigel but the rest they say is history.

I for one, would love to see Carew on Tyneside - I think he has a lot of offer even at the age of 31. If we could get one good season out of him next year then we’d have done alright. He has the ability to score goals, both with his feet and with his head, considering his is all of 6’4.

To be honest, looking at his record at all the clubs he has been with - he has managed to score with everyone of them. From 07-10 he hit double figures for Villa in each season; that alone is a feat in itself.

He might not fit our structure of young players, and potential stars, but for a season or two he could do a fine job up front. Mind you, he could also tutor Nile Ranger and improve his game whilst on Tyneside.

I have no doubt that the Norwegian would be interested in playing for NUFC, and playing his final days out in front of 50,000 odd roaring fans.

As for his wages - I can’t imagine he’d demand a huge lot, although it has been known that he wasn’t shy of a bumper contract; then again who isn’t? If we could agree terms of wages perhaps of £35,000 or so, keep him fit, then this deal could work for us.

I’ve always been a fan of Carew, and always thought he brings goals wherever he goes - hopefully Alan Pardew can spot this as unlikely as it may be. I’d be looking to sign him, but you may have a different opinion - let’s be hearing it in the comments section!

Comments welcome! 🙂

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daniel: ⏱ 27/05/2011

Just no

Are Aato: ⏱ 27/05/2011

What? He is old and, injury prone and absolutely average. Big big no. Waste of money tbh.

Benjamin Appleby: ⏱ 27/05/2011

Much as I agree that at his peak he was a good player, good, not great, he has always been hampered by injury and has a questionable attitude. You have to ask why he went on loan when Villa were in a relegation battle and hardly banging in the goals, only to sit on the bench at Stoke. I think we may well see him depart these shores to try his hand at winning something in Norway, Reo-Coker features on the same page as Danny Guthrie and Ruel Fox in the Guide to Mediocre Football Players! 

who cares about my name: ⏱ 27/05/2011

LOOOOOOOOOOOL..yeah thats what we older version of ameobi :D :D

Bjofur: ⏱ 27/05/2011

Please no! Im norwegian and hope we some day may sign a norwegian. But for us to sign John Carew would be a disaster. He is injury prone, lazy and would definitely NOT be a good role model for Ranger. Yes his morale is quite good as he hasnt killed, raped or knocked out anybody. At least not for a few years now... His work rate is below average and he is becoming a bit like sholadinho. 20 offsides per match, needs 5 chances to score, and make something spectacular now and then. No please - stay well clear

Doocey: ⏱ 27/05/2011

Each to their own - but I actually think there's still some goals in him. & I think there's still some goals in Ameobi! :D