Lille’s Yohan Cabaye the inevitable replacement for the loyal Joey Barton

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Yohan Cabaye in action for Lille against Rennes

Cabaye - Likely to replace Joey Barton as the club looks to offload the POTS

The board at this club continue to confuse me with their antics. Firstly they sack an absolute gent of a manager who after bringing Newcastle United back to the Premier League at first attempt, was looking like he would finish midtable after some stunning results throughout the season - including an away win at Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton & indeed absolute routs at home to Aston Villa and Sunderland. After getting Alan Pardew in as his replacement - it’s fair to say that Pards has done as well as he can, and the fans are taking a liking to the man. He respects the club, the fans, and indeed what has been a dream job for him to get - so very soon after leaving Southampton. With Andy Carroll’s departure, the fans were once again complaining of the way the hierarchy; more notably Mike Ashley & Derek Llambias are running this club.

It doesn’t seem to stop there however, as it is widely expected that our Player Of The Season Joey Barton will be ushered out the door as soon as possible, and has no chance of a new contract at St.James’ Park.

Considering he one our best players at the club, and was partly responsible for us staying in the Premier League - it makes absolutely no sense to try offload him, especially when he is beginning the play the football of a player we splashed out £5.8m for those years ago.

Fair enough he might be on £55,000 a week - but I think he was as good as any other midfielder in the Premier League this season, especially when it comes down to assists made throughout the campaign.

It really is a testament to our current owners when they are looking to offload our official best player of the season. How many other boards at other Premier League clubs would do the same thing? Maybe I should rephrase that - how many successful clubs would sell one of their key players for no reason?

Of course Joey has a history with the board, and they did in all fairness stand by the lad when he was behind bars. However, just as he begins to repay the fans, the club and himself, he is told that he could have well played his last game for the club. Shocking stuff.

With Yohan Cabaye, who I can’t say I’ve seen a lot of - besides playing with him on FIFA 11, destined to arrive on Tyneside in the next week or so: it seems as if he may well be either a short-term, or a long-term (one more season) replacement for the one time capped English international.

Joey, who has just joined Twitter is well worth the follow, and he’s a lot more intelligent than one might think.

Check him out here, and of course, if you’re not already doing so - follow TyneTime where we have all the news, quicker than we have it on the site.

Also - it might be worth noticing Joey Barton is 15 to join Liverpool FC. Sad.

Comments welcome as always 🙂

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Pleb: ⏱ 01/06/2011

Er..If you/your agent refuse a contract, then it's taken off the table...That's the reason. But if you want to make a drama out of a crisis, gan reet aheed. It's what we always do, so you might as well join in.

icedog: ⏱ 01/06/2011

doocey,enjoyed the thread pity you dont do a few more. think you said what most fans think on the joey saga. cannot think of a club where the owner/chairman are talked about more than the players are,strange set-up imo

Doocey: ⏱ 01/06/2011

Thanks Icedog - like the profile picture there as well! :D I know, it baffles me at times trying to figure out what plan the board actually have to bring this club forward. I just hope some sense will prevail, and Joey will get a new contract!

Doocey: ⏱ 01/06/2011

I'm not too sure a contract was ever offered in the first place. Personally, I don't think the club plan on keeping him too much longer.Time will only tell I suppose.

Russell10: ⏱ 01/06/2011

Repay the fans ??? I don't think so !!! Scum is scum and the problem is no matter how much you think it is under control, it rises again to the surface just as Joey will again punch a player or something similar. He has no pace and 55k is an obsenity. Did he take a drop in prison? No. Did he sign the contract put in front of him a while ago? No. Loyalty or a debt of gratitude from Joey? Dream on. We are rebuilding and youth and flair will replace solid. Thanks for a good performance last season Joey but you can never repay what you owe this club so take your over inflated opinion of yourself and go.

Geordie_Pete: ⏱ 01/06/2011

Getting sick of all the fans supporting Barton.... he was offered a contract in Jan but jumped on the band waggon saying that he wouldnt sign until the board proved they were going to invest AC money, The board are his employers and as such he had no right to question them. He should just pipe down and do the job he is paid to do

ed: ⏱ 02/06/2011

On CarolHe seems happy at liverpool, didn't make noise about not wanting to go till people called him a judas( this was a bit unfair) he cost 35million. for an only slightly proven striker, it was great money. he has been off most of the rest of the season. He is also potentially another ferguson or barton, unless he cools his supposed behaviour. and could end up in the nick. deal done good im a happy man On  BartonHe could have signed earlier in the season, for 2 years more and then we wouldn't be in this situation, if he was still playing I am sure the club would have wanted to sign him again in another two years. He owes newcastle but is not prepared to give, where is his loyalty when he owes itOn Houghton I was gutted too but when you look at his results he was losing to the teams he should have beaten, and yes he got results against the teams that we shouldn't have one i was delighted but where is the consistency. what would have been the results without CarolOn AshleyA shrewd business man, he has a club that has no debt, he is buying young and the team looks a million miles from the one that went down two years ago. He is investing in the training facilities, the club. and we are going forward. the fans are backing him except for a few moanersOn CabayeLooking forward to seeing what you can do, welcome to the Toon if your coming.On future playerswe have one of the best scouting systems in all the clubs i am sure we will get quality that will improve.

Pr-davies: ⏱ 02/06/2011

This is a bit rich. Poor old Joey. Bless his cotton socks. The man refused to take a pay cut while he was in jail and when he came out, continued to conduct himself badly. Don't get me wrong, he's been quality this season, and, against my better judgement, I'd like to keep him on, but please, please stop with all of this "loyal" Joey business. There isn't a team who would have taken him after we went down, because he was a liability offering little on the pitch. There are few fans wouldn't have been glad to see the back of him when we went down. One good season does not make a player bigger than the club. Stop yer whinging lass.