Alan Pardew could be very close to cracking point as manager of Newcastle United

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Alan Pardew looks on from the dug-out at St.James' Park

#### Pardew - Get the feeling all is not well under the covers at St.James’ Park

It could well be just me, but I think there is something pretty serious going on at Newcastle United right now and it might not be very encouraging at all. Recent criticisms of the board and their regime have been well documented in the press the last week or so, with Jose Enrique openly venting his frustration at Mike Ashley and the lack of ambition show by the club. Then in the last couple of days Joey Barton seemingly took the baton from the Spaniard and also questioned the future of the club and it’s stance on transfers. Again, the former English international confirmed he had no intentions of leaving Newcastle United anytime in the near future. As for Jose, I couldn’t care less what he has to say much longer; he is just trying to maneuver a move for himself. In fact I’d be looking to sell the left-back before the window if we can because at the very least we deserve some cash for the guy; sticking by him in the Championship and all that.

Bringing it back to my headline however; am I the only one who thinks that there is something a lot more serious going on at the club than meets the eye? Every time the press talk to Pardew it’s the same old story where he’s trying to get two more players in, then it’s one more signing, then a couple more additions and before we know it - the deadline is fast approaching.

I’m not sure how many times we’ve heard that hard work is being done behind closed doors to get players in, but I’ve a hunch, and a pretty big one at that, that Mr.Pardew is close to cracking point with Mike over transfers. I’ve no doubt Pardew has a list of players he wants, but I’d be fairly certain he has been given a cold ‘No’ on countless occasions so far on prospective signings.

It seems as if we’re after a very certain player. A young, high potential star with large sell on value. I like that idea as mentioned before, and I’m fully in favour of it. However, sometimes you have to make allowances for a certain type of player. If there is a player out there that can add something to the team and he is 26 or so; providing he’s available for a good price then sign him up. I think this might be the  case with Pardew, but Ashley is adamant on sticking with both his financial and player policies at the club.

In all honesty, it wouldn’t surprise me if Alan Pardew resigned or was sacked in the coming weeks: it really wouldn’t. I get that eerily feeling surrounding the club that I did in years gone by. Mike Ashley could be wearing Pardew’s patience thin.

Maybe I’m being too negative but you have to prepare for all possibilities, especially as a Newcastle United fan.

Let’s get things straight though - I’m not complaining about our transfer dealings this summer (much). We’ve already signed quality in Cabaye, Marveaux, Ba and seemingly Abeid as well. That is all very encouraging. In fact it sometimes sickens me to hear some NUFC fans moaning about guys we haven’t signed, or who we could sign - simply because they either have no idea of the players we have actually signed, or because they’re living in the past. We are no longer a force in the transfer market - grow up.

Personally I’m quite happy with the business we’ve done but we do need a couple more: predominately a striker. With Erding looking like he might stay we have to work towards other targets, and I don’t mean Jermain Defoe or Peter Crouch. Stay well away from those two. Who does Alan Pardew turn to now? Any point trying for someone like Gabriel Agbonlahor?

That’s my two cents on the whole last month or so anyway!

Comments welcome 🙂

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Markhanson7: ⏱ 01/08/2011

Still think the squad is not strong enough and we should be looking at two strikers and a left back as soon as possible The purse strings should be loosened if we are to finish in the top half of the league I think its about time the owner showed some ambition and brought in a big money buy.

Asfsaf: ⏱ 01/08/2011

lol no

Slatermichael2: ⏱ 01/08/2011

whats all this about signing players who could eventually have a large sell on fee.if they do turn into great players we should be keeping em not flogging em off for vast amounts.

Mikeyjig: ⏱ 01/08/2011

Pardew aint going nowhere and he is in no position for his "patience to be wearing thin" He is only in this job because Ashley wants someone who will do as he is told, the only way we would see the back of Pardew is if Ashley sacked him, and if that happened I only cringe at who the next manager would be, because no self respecting manager worth his salt will work with Ashley

MooMoo: ⏱ 01/08/2011

I think Pardew is happy to have a job and go along with it.  If he had any scruples he would've 'done a Keegan' and said "this is bollocks, I'm not putting up with it".  But no, he's constantly in the press chatting shit about player recruitment, contradicting statements he made earlier in the week and generally making himself look stupid and/or untrustworthy.  He could have stopped all of this by keeping his cards close to his chest and conducting his business behind close doors, but instead he likes to make the big statements, giving the fans promises he can't keep.  

Doocey: ⏱ 01/08/2011

I think the last line of your comment sums up what a lot of the fans are saying. Football has changed; fees have increased. If we want to keep up with the pace and give ourselves any chance at all, we have to spend a certain amount of cash, as long as it's the right player.

Doocey: ⏱ 01/08/2011

You could be spot on!

Catfaugh: ⏱ 01/08/2011

Nom nom nom eaaat. Newcastle are like arrows aim high but usually smash off the ground! Nom nom nom

Julio Laker: ⏱ 01/08/2011

I can't see Pardew leaving, he's only got the job to pay off his gambling debts. The problem is he's a gutless nobody and he doesn't command the players' respect. Don't fine them after committing an offence, ban them from doing it in the first a strong manager. You wouldn't last 2 seconds at ManUre if you said anything negative about that club....Fergie simply wouldn't stand for it, he's given some of the best players in the world the boot for discussing basic training methods. Pardew isn't a "more experienced manager", he's just a puppet and I'm afraid we'll have to put up with it for much long as we.stay in the Prem that's enough for Ashley. I can't criticise his willingness to balance the books but I can criticise his choices of manager and chairman. The only hope of us qualifying for Europe in the next 5 years is by default when all the clubs above us are disqualified for having low turnover....

Kevotoon: ⏱ 01/08/2011

happy with the business done?? you are seriously mad

Chuckpowers: ⏱ 01/08/2011

Do you think we could get the following, Gyan, O'Shea and Brown?

Bowburnmag: ⏱ 02/08/2011

Ah man Dooce, they've worn you down? Why are we happy to accept mediocrity? What is stopping us being any kind of force in the transfer market? Nothing that we didn't have before as it happens and we were so inclined. You just need to be shrewd, ambitious and speculate a little. Can't believe you're not happy with Jose. Why is it we stuck with him and if doesn't work the other way. Yes, he's on good money but aside from a blip at the end last year, he's been one of our stand out performers for 2 and a bit years. The truth about our signing is that we must watch and wait. The worrying thing is that Pardew only wants one more in, while around him the squad could easily be weakened further. If we're such a poor force in the transfer market, how do you expect us just to matter of factly go and pick up the likes of Agbonlahor? Only those unaware of how we operate will come here. Don't be surprised if Tiote's 'Visa' issues are a smokescreen. Plenty of time left to move people on. I wouldn't worry about Pardew. He's irrelevant in all of this. He's like Mike's first lady, just here to look smart and say the right things.

Glenn_d2: ⏱ 02/08/2011

Peter Beardsley will take over very soon, he keeps saying how Mike Ashley is good for the club etc etc....I love beardo...but we need rid of ashley fullstop!!! DON'T TELL ME TO GROW UP....just get on board with the get rid of ashley train!!!

Markbrown179: ⏱ 02/08/2011

I think you are right but all this rubbish about doing business behind close doors is fueling the rumours from the players and making thr rift between manager and players wide and the all but nearly open war between the players d the board. Why oh why is it everytime as a Newcastle fan at the start of the close season I was full of hope and excited at what was to come. But now I just hoping we stay up and the seasons over. Because you know that at the next transfer window tiote will be off , that's if he gets his visa sorted out!!!!!!!

Iaintranter0842: ⏱ 02/08/2011

Telling people to "Grow up" is extremely patronising. At that point I stopped reading this poorly written article based on nothing more than your own opinion.

Davies: ⏱ 02/08/2011

Perhaps it's only fans that haven't noticed that the people whinging on Twitter are either angling for a new deal or agitating for a move. Why would Enrique wait so long after the sale of Nolan to chip in with his two penneth? Pardew's authority at the club clearly doesn't extend to the transfer budget, but it certainly sounds as though he needs to assert his authority on the players more. Of course, he may have done this, but the want away players couldn't give a hoot anyway. We're better off without Barton, and Enrique should either take a new contract or get out. The players are making us look more farcical than the board at the moment.

: ⏱ 02/08/2011

There is no chance Pardew will go. Pardew was brought in because he is close to Mike. The advantage of Pardew at the helm is him and Mike will be working together unlike other combinations.

: ⏱ 02/08/2011

Yes, but why would we want them

Doocey: ⏱ 03/08/2011

One might also say that it's realistic. Of course it's my opinion - it's a 'blog.

Doocey: ⏱ 03/08/2011

I've lost quite a lot of respect for Jose in the last 6 months or so. He's on seriously good money - and there wasn't a huge array of clubs looking for his signature when we were relegated. If he just came out and said he wanted to leave then fair enough - but when you refuse to sit down at the table to even consider a new contract offer it leaves a lot to be desired. Only time will tell regards the rest though!