Richard Branson brought Papiss Demba Cissé to Newcastle United

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Virgin Money owner Richard Branson takes question in press conference

Branson - Influx of shirt sponsorship money seemingly financed Cissé move

With Newcastle United managing the biggest, and most expensive coup of the January transfer window so far, many were surprised by the £9m spent on Senegalese striker Papiss Demba Cisse - including me. Of course you would be surprised though, after all Alan Pardew did say that they had no plans to bring in a striker this window - despite giving Jason Prior a trial on Tyneside .

However, to our delight Papiss Demba Cisse signed a 5½ year contract and took on the challenge of the coveted #9 shirt, a jersey last held by Andy Carroll - the striker we sold to Liverpool for almost 4 times what Cissé cost. Good business you’d have to say, even before he has kicked a ball.

Mike Ashley has had praise lavished upon him this week after the coup and rightly so, however, it is believed that the money which saw Cissé join Newcastle came from Virgin Money’s sponsorship deal agreed with NUFC only weeks previous.

That isn’t a bad thing though - indeed it’s quite a frugal move from the Newcastle United hierarchy.

As unlikely as my headline may be, I would be surprised if it was proven false.

The two year deal agreed between Virgin Money sees Newcastle United pocket £20m - ten million pounds per annum with the first year paid on the 1st of January I’d expect.

Cissé arrived for about £9m - do the math yourselves.

With that said, it is smart thinking and an example of Newcastle United’s newborn self-sufficiency under Ashley. Not to mention the quality of the actual player himself - a very talented lad from watching him in the Bundesliga both this season, and last year.

While many fear for the future of Cissé’s international teammate Demba Ba, I’d be quite confident we’ll hang on to the striker.

Think about it, a good friend of yours from Senegal will be living, training, and playing alongside you, even after your stint at the AcoN. I wouldn’t be looking to uproot and go anywhere any time soon - would you?

Of course we have to be realistic and prepare for all possibilities - but for some reason or another I don’t think we’ll lose anyone this transfer window. We need to strengthen our back four as soon as we can, with Carr and the backroom team working away on a new defender as we speak. As well as that, Coloccini must be given a new contract and have his future cemented on Tyneside at the earliest opportunity. The contract negotiations will soon resume, Alan Pardew confirmed today.

Regardless of who financed Cissé’s move to Newcastle United, he is now our new number nine - and with everything aside, it is hard not to be excited about the potential of both Ba and the new arrival.

Bright future ahead of NUFC? We hope so!

Comments welcome as always 🙂

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Chris: ⏱ 20/01/2012

The sooner the window closes the better. Let's get the new era going!

Doocey: ⏱ 20/01/2012


Kristian Bendiksen: ⏱ 20/01/2012

lets just hope he buys det club

arfurglassful: ⏱ 20/01/2012

The maths are easy to do but with the club supposedly looking to break even at the next year end its still a guessing game whether Fatso can resist making £20m profit on Tiote or Ba or Cabaye..........................? IMO the jury's still out on the two crooked muppets. However if they leave the squad alone and get Colo to sign a new long term contract then maybe, just maybe, we can start to trust this Board ? Something, I admit, I thought I'd never ever say.

Trotter Ed: ⏱ 20/01/2012

even if it was Bransons money, the credit is still due to Ashley for spending it on Cisse, he could have put in his back pocket but he invested in our club. long may Ashley own the Toon long live the Toon

howay geordies: ⏱ 20/01/2012

I guess you did the math!

Ian: ⏱ 21/01/2012

Math or Maths.... What crap! Does it matter where the money comes from as long as it is invested wisely and more importantly in the team.

Petertprice: ⏱ 21/01/2012

Trotter Ed - are you Ashley's bitch? Or is your real name Derek Lambias! The praise that is due should go to Pardew and his team - especially Carr. They are the real heroes here. They have achieved 'despite' not 'because' of FCB

nije21: ⏱ 21/01/2012

This is completely baseless.  You've literally made this story up.

Your Mum.: ⏱ 22/01/2012

Never really been a big fan of ashley, but neither have most people. But you have to give him a lot of credit on this one, hes finally invested in the club instead of just pocketing the money.

nije21: ⏱ 22/01/2012

Nonsense mate, it's like saying I bought a pie at half time just before Shearer signed, so my money might have been paid to Blackburn, ergo, I brought Shearer in.

Doocey: ⏱ 22/01/2012

Credit where credit's due!