Newcastle United representatives already ‘in talks’ with Wilfried Zaha

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Wilfried Zaha in action for Crystal Palace in the nPower Championship

Zaha - Future could be decided by end of January after Palace’s cup exit

With just under a week to go in the January transfer window, Newcastle United are looking to add another player or two to the squad. A defenders arrival is imminent at St.James’ Park, indeed a deal is expected to be sorted out within the next three days all going well. However, the Newcastle hierarchy has been alerted by Wilfried Zaha’s availability. The future of the exciting forward was set to be talked about and decided upon whenever Crystal Palace were eliminated from the League Cup, and yesterday, in the most heartbreaking fashion - Dougie Freedman’s team crashed out via penalties.

The Chronicle Live are reporting that Newcastle United are already in talks with Zaha’s representatives about thrashing out a deal, or finding out what it would take to lure the forward to Newcastle however, we’ll face immense competition for this guys signature - you can be sure of that.

The likes of Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool have all been strongly linked with Zaha, although if he was to base his decision on current Premier League team positions - then we wouldn’t be last in his pecking order! 😀

To be honest, I would be very surprised if we agreed a fee with Palace for Wilfried. With £9m already spent in the window I can only see us just going over double figures for a January total; with two or three million for a defender.

Zaha would fetch something in the region of £10m alone, perhaps even more considering he is English.

Newcastle United do however, have a couple of aces up their sleeve if a move was to materialise.

Crystal Palace are still recovering from administration and could have their hand forced into a deal to clear any more outstanding debts. As well as that, first team football would almost be guaranteed to Zaha if he was to choose NUFC; the same cannot be said for Liverpool or Manchester United.

Only time will tell, but as I’ve mentioned above - The Chronicle Live believe that talks are taking place between NUFC and Zaha’s men over a possible deal as we speak. Whether anything actually happens is another thing.

First and foremost - we need a defender.

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eagle_eye: ⏱ 25/01/2012

Tag Worldwide, Churchill Insurance (and thats only two of four owners we have) - have a google. eclipses your owners wealth. The days of our hand being forced due to poor finances is over - He'll be sold on a football decision. *one of our owners owned churchill and sold it to RBS for a tidy few quid. He'll go to a top club not a soap opera, flash in the pan outfit like your shower! Do us a favour a destroy that silly mob down on the south coast this weekend please!

Rob: ⏱ 25/01/2012

Here's a comment, no debts, stop clutching at straws at the same old boring 'Palace have no money talk'.

Paul: ⏱ 25/01/2012

As my cohorts have said - a few correct facts would be useful. First, Palace have no debt, sure, we run at a small loss each season but every club does and our owners are more than wealthy enough to cover that. Second - whay should anyone be talking to "his men" when we have him on a 5 year contract and have given no one permission to talk to anyone? What a load of tosh...

Andy: ⏱ 25/01/2012

It will be nice for him to play in a proper stadium. That ramshackle ground of your is an embarrassment.

Toon69: ⏱ 25/01/2012

Probably because we're a hell of a lot bigger than you're pissy little club thats why... in any case, why would we want to spend £10m on a player who's not lightingup the championship when we have 2 of the most prolific strikers in Europe now... keep your boy, lets see how long it is before he drops down the league with yous lot... btw moron, Long only got £50m from selling Churchill,, not quite £1.3 billion is it.... lol lol

Cpfc eaaaagles: ⏱ 25/01/2012

Bullshit hes better than newcastle anyway our manager has already said that so stop writing bullshit you thick northern prick

Sgsgsgsg: ⏱ 25/01/2012

Shut it u sissy southeners!why don't u support a club that's going somewhere and fyi CP has one of the highest debt ratios in the championship,basically their shite!

Joppadoni: ⏱ 26/01/2012

cant see where he would fit in our set up tbh. he wouldnt be first choice and hes a bloody headless chicken. cant deny he is really talented tho. wouldnt want him. he can stay at palace and develop. 

Rob: ⏱ 26/01/2012

Does a stadium have to be named after a company to be 'proper'?