VfB Stuttgart defender snubs Newcastle United offer

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Serdar Tasci

#### Tasci - 25 year old German centre-back held in high regard

Reports today are suggesting that VfB Stuttgart defender Serdar Tasci has turned down approaches from Newcastle United, and indeed Spurs. The German - 25 years-old - is just recovering from an sprained knee ligaments and it seems as if he has a transfer clause in his contract allowing him to leave for a predetermined fee, a fee which hasn’t been revealed. Tasci, is a talented footballer, and is captain at Stuttgart if memory serves me correctly. However, he doesn’t seem interested in signing for either NUFC or Spurs so our interest may end here.

The news originates from this article: ‘Tasci ist nicht reif für die Insel’

The article about Tasci adds that there’s no point joining Spurs or Newcastle because they are, like Stuttgart, in the Europa League. However, if a CL team came calling, then he may examine his options.

Thanks to Neil Snowdown for the quick translation, and cheers to all our posters in the comments section. We’ve established what it is Tasci has to say.

It’s quite ironic that we’re trying to get more players by activating their release clauses, while desperately vying off interest on Demba Ba’s contract situation.

What’s your thoughts of Tasci?

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BelgradeMag: ⏱ 21/05/2012

The first paragraph is about the fact that he's due back for pre-season training with Stuttgart on July 2nd and working on his recovery from injury without a summer break. The key part is here: " The English Premier League Clubs Tottenham and Newcastle want to sign him. ' We're aware of the interest' said Tasci's representative, Uli Ferber, though he immediately added 'we're really not considering it at all'. It claims he'd only consider a move if it guaranteed a more prestigious and better level of European competition, and since Stuttgart are also in the Europe League, neither we nor Spurs can offer that. He'd only move to a Champions League club. It adds that he could theoretically leave for a foreign (non-German) club for a fixed amount via a release clause in his contract, which in any case runs to 2014. The overall tone is that he's not that keen to move, and even if he was, he wouldn't come to us.

Alain Pardieu: ⏱ 21/05/2012

Internal ligament injury to what? What ligaments aren't internal?

Doocey: ⏱ 21/05/2012

I'm just mirroring what's said on the site. Sprained knee ligaments as far as I know.!

Amcdonnel: ⏱ 21/05/2012

You have to wonder how much emphasis is placed on the player's ability and how much on his cheap, buy out clause ? Surely we should be consdering things such as ability, age, positional options as well as the   likelihood of him settling in to the exiting set up ?

GFH: ⏱ 21/05/2012

It would be ludicrous to suggest that we are not looking at these things ,gicen our successful record todate .

Peter Plenk: ⏱ 21/05/2012

in the article the Manager of Tasci is saying that he is currently not interested to move to Tottenham or Newcastle, because it is no improvement to his current club VfB Stuttgart, as Stuttgart as well as Newcastle and Tottenham play in the Europe League next season and that he only would be interested in offers from clubs who are playing in the Champions League next season. He also says that Tasci has a clause in his contract like Demba Ba.

Peter Plenk: ⏱ 21/05/2012

just realised that BelgradeMag has already translated the article

Mickyluvmail: ⏱ 21/05/2012

Internal = interior ligament

Chan: ⏱ 22/05/2012

Why not looking at the future where Newcastle might won top 4 in the premier league, and as a result competing in CL ?  :P

Vibes1980: ⏱ 22/05/2012

Never heard of him...move on.